NEW – German Destroyer T-61 || World of Warships

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NEW – German Destroyer T-61 || World of Warships

After the invasion of the Netherlands in 1940, the Dutch shipyards were almost undamaged. Therefore the Kriegsmarine contracted three Dutch shipbuilders to build some smaller vessels. Classed as “Fleet torpedo boats”, the 1940 Type was more a destroyer than a torpedo boat, with a full load displacement of 2,566 tons and carrying four 5-inch guns and eight 21-inch torpedo tubes in two quadruple mountings, and was based on Dutch designs.

Twelve were ordered in 1940-1941, and numbered T-61 to T-72, but only eight were laid down by 1942 of which three were launched, the other five were destroyed on the slips. In 1944 these three incomplete ships, T-61, T-63 and T-65 were transferred to the Baltic Sea to be completed. T-61 was torpedoed off the West Frisian Islands in September 1944, while the other two were captured by the Allies at Kiel and scuttled after the war.
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  1. She looks sweet

  2. How fast are the torps?

  3. Where’s CV Akagi?

  4. Finally werden get a Trainer for the Line!

  5. Natthaphong Wongwai

    torp reloadtime op but torp range 8km is ok??

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