New German Destroyers Review | World of Warships

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Everything you need to know to reach for victory playing the new German destroyer branch!
German destroyers Z-31, Gustav-Julius Maerker, Felix Schultz, and Elbing are now available for all players to research.
We’re going to tell you how to overcome the enemy from behind the helms of the new ships!

00:00 — Teaser: artillery German destroyer branch review
00:45 — Features of the German destroyers: accuracy, damage, and penetration
01:15 — Artillery characteristics of German destroyers
01:50 — Torpedo cruising range
02:30 — Armor features of the German destroyers
03:10 — German destroyers lack the Engine Boost consumable
03:35 — Recommended skills and upgrades for German destroyers
04:25 — Cruiser tactics for German destroyers in World of Warships
04:55 — German destroyers: how to play them

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  1. we doubted this at first in the development blog
    but when you play them in random battles, they are super powerful

  2. All the visual is absolutely amazing,art department once again didn’t pull their punch

  3. Honestly, your blitz version is far more enjoyable than the PC

  4. just like graf spee
    spee they said Pocket battleship
    and this new ships are pocket cruiser lmao

  5. Schultz and Elbing are godlike, really enjoying the Elbing right now, 20 games and 104k average dmg

  6. Let’s be honest here… the only reason why this new line is a DD line is because they don’t have a heal LUL.
    I had fun in F. Schultz. Elbing seems to be more fun.

  7. When cruiser guns get mounted on a DD, they magically start performing way way better.
    I mean why wouldn’t they.

  8. @Daniel Orrego YOU dont get it, we dont want fucking Subs. Thats gonna kill the game..

  9. the game have bug man. Look a 1:20 onward

  10. Well despite what others think they sound op and when they moveing to console

  11. “The new german destroyers have good armor, with 25mm of protection”

    *laughs in Khabarovsk 50mm side plating

  12. I hope that all the updates they make on the PC one, l wish they do on blitz

  13. World of warships:
    Don’t fear getting upclose to other ships, you can always hide in your smokescreen.

    Radar ships entered the chat.

  14. Yeah, just have Z-31 be a clone of Z-39. Z-31 herself and her class as a whole had 1 twin and 3 single 15 cm guns, not 1 twin and 2 singles. Z-23 used to have the right layout but you removed that

    • That’s not quite correct. Z-39 was a DD of the 1936 MOB A, which has more AA guns thanks to the dismantling of one turret. The 1936 Destroyers has 1 twin and 3 single guns as you said – that’s correct. German Navy modified the 1936 Destroyer class several times which lead to the subclasses 1936A, 1936 MOB A, and 1936C. 🙂

    • Z 31 in game actually closer to Z 32 after modification that replace 1 gun mount for AA.
      Btw It common for tech tree ships to have mismatch AA and gun configuration.

  15. WG: Look how good the trashcans are!

  16. @Daniel Orrego Do you are have stupid? nobody wants Subs… It will even more destroy every last bit of balance. Not to mention the other problems that come with this class

  17. OG Steiner Asherlon

    Me after hearing German new destroyer have 25 mm amour hey that pretty good

  18. After seeing this DD line, HMS tiger are now HMS kitty

  19. @Daniel Orrego we actually wanted and anticipated and German DD split
    And while these ships are selfish, not as much as Khaba for eg. Coz these ships have good torps for zoning and you can fire the torps and help your teammate in a fight thnx to high reach. You also provide AA support fairly well

  20. If Graf Spee was a pocket battleship, these should be pocket cruisers

  21. Roshan Wadasinghe

    Uninstalled after 15k games
    They just killed it secondaries suck op op ships like petro thunder FDR really killed the fun
    If they make secondaries great again ill think again

  22. Having 3 Elbing in your team is like having no destroyer at all

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