NEW – IJN Mutsu – Premium BB – 163k DMG – World of Warships

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Player: lion_el_johnsen
Map: Trident

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  1. uuu FRISCH!

  2. How big are the mutsu’s guns again?

  3. wargaming lie to me what are they talking about this ship has poor gun dispersion that’s some nice dispersion on the ship

  4. Does this ship detonate itself when in port?

  5. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Turret 3 and snail memes incoming guys

  6. The Yamato of T6

  7. congrats on 10k btw!!

  8. The guy plays well, but it’s obvious he isn’t aware of his ship’s full capabilities. Aiming at the superstructure and even switching to HE against angled battleships when you can overmatch their bow with ease?

  9. bad replay

  10. Oneshit it with my arizona

  11. Alexander Schöneberg

    For me the highlight was the Leander at the end, avoiding the battleships and killing a Nürnberg and the Bouge and getting a Kraken while he is at it. Kudos to Jazzy001! 😀

  12. What a crap Premium ship

  13. time to load the salt

  14. Isn’t this a poor man’s Nagato? and from the reviews its a crap ship.

  15. The camera was zoomed out. How can I use this camera view?

  16. The guy ignores 2 broadside cruisers for a minute at 10 km range. shoots BBs at 16km. 🙂

  17. LOL die Panzerknacker machen Werbung für Wargaming 😀 damit sich auch ja jeder dieses Op Premium Schiff Kauft. Wenns ein Schwesterschiff der Nagato sein soll angeblich frag ich mich warum sie es nicht als 7er rausbringen!? Da könnte man es wenigstens für Gewertete Gefechte mal einsetzen! So is es eine Sinnlose Investition!

  18. Ибать кривой… Тут все 350к настрелять можно было

  19. good job man i like you but can help me i want this crosshair zoom can you tell me how i make or link for download

  20. Another BB with torps that’s not US. Why does WGing continue this bias. Every single line besides US has Torps, Nazi BBs, Nazi Cruisers, Cyka Blyat Cruisers, jap cruisers, and now jap BBs. Watch all the WeeBoos are gonna cry because WGing gave them a premium that sucks and is not US like all the other shit premiums they put in for Us

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