New Iowa Build! New Personal Best Damage! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. My dad has a lot of ships

  2. I’m glad i checked my phone at this time for no apparent reason because now I’ll be able to see a Iowa build.

  3. So iowa now has those godly dispersion bullets that hug eachother and hit the citadel for like x9 times and delete Yamato’s broadside ?


  5. Finally another Iowa video I’ve been wanting one bout damn time buddy

  6. That 2nd Iowa must’ve been out of his mind

  7. 9:14 literally my favourite moment there

  8. My inspirations for my William Sims is Andrew Cunningham, obviously, and Otto Ciliax because I get really good AP damage with it but I might change once I get some more commanders.

  9. I almost have the Grosser Kurfurst and I’m excited cause I have every German commander so I’m gonna try some builds.

    • You got Hyde? He’s the best commander for GK in my opinion and not because of the godly secondary build but cause of the health pool and extra heals when fully maxed out.

    • I guess not all of them but I have all the normal ones. When Hyde comes back I’ll get him.

  10. Broadside ships will be sent back to port faster than before

  11. spartan: once maxed out she reduces the dispersion by quite a bit
    also spartan: now I “only”, only have her at lvl 16 legend 3
    me: :/

    • Getting there … Got her at 15-2 now

    • To be fair having a commander at 14-1 is good enough. You only need 1 commendation & 1 insignia for that. Promotion orders are earned easily enough from those weekly missions.

    • @Mr. Scratch that’s true if you have to level only one commander, but if you’re like me that tries to level up multiple commanders at the same time, it’s so painful the POs’ grind, you will find it out sooner or later, trust me

  12. I run accuracy builds on my BBs as much as possible. Iowa is probably my favorite so far

  13. 9:12

    That one guy from Lazy Town : *pulls screen down* “Don’t let your kids watch it!”

  14. Outstanding game Spartan! Unfortunately, like you said, you had a lot of potatoes on your team!

  15. It never ceases to amaze me how you can have an amazing game where you do everything perfectly, set personal best dmg records and yet your team still finds a way to screw it up and make it a loss. Absolutly infuriating.

  16. Jean bart, jaujard, cunningham and scharnhorst is also a great setup to have. Best shot i had so far with it is deleting a full health Yammy wit one salvo at around 15 km, the shells looked like one big white blob … It felt sooo good 🤭

  17. That second Iowa haha what a potato 🤣 can’t stop laughing

  18. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “Iowa is tanky”
    Gneisenau with more belt armor: doubt

  19. Ive been running al sharn and andrew with simms since al sharn was released. Omg the shots are always so nice

  20. “Iowa is tanky” *doubts in all or nothing armor scheme*

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