*NEW* Italian Premium Battleship: Giulio Cesare || World of Warships

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*NEW* Italian Premium : Giulio ||

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  1. RM hype is real!

  2. Please be aware all the following information is from Supertest Server,
    meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.

  3. what you think ??? plz rate the video and tell me if you will buy italian BB ?
    what about the ROMA this year ^^
    best regards

  4. Initial Stats


    Hit Points

    19 mm

    130-250 mm

    Main battery
    2х2 + 2х3 320 mm

    Firing range
    16,4 km

    HE damage

    AP damage

    Reload time
    30 s

    180 degree turn time
    36 s

    Maximum dispersion
    138 m


    HE and AP initial velocity
    830 m/s

    Maximum speed
    27 kt

    Turning circle radius
    640 m

    Rudder shift time
    13 s

    Surface detectability
    13,3 km

    Air detectability
    9,4 km

  5. It coming !!

  6. Looks really cool but I’ll prefer Roma!

  7. italian?what a joke

  8. Михаил Серафимов

    Will there be an Italian BB line?

  9. FascistTemplar200

    Italian Navy hype!

  10. i’m not going to buy this but i will buy the roma

  11. Is it going to shoot pasta?

  12. Im going to get it

  13. Not so sure about the T-5 Giulio Cesare. A possible T-7 Roma how ever, well that has me excited.

  14. Confused Blue Dragon

    Giulio Cesare plus Roma… Gimme gimme…!!

    Although, I’ll happily settle for the Cesare because if they want to perfect the Roma to avoid another mishap like what had recently happened with the Graf Zeppelin, then that’s fine by me…!

  15. T5 premium ship : NO GO
    T5 premium battleship : HELL NO

  16. T8 premium cruiser and destroyer : Yes
    T8 premium battleship : maybe, if it is better or par to Tirpitz

  17. So Cesar as a premium V, Conte di Cavour as a tech tree one, Roma as a premiu, Littorio/Vittorio Veneto in tech tree, ..mayby Andrea doria in tech tree and Calio Dulio in premium slot? Can’t wait for Regia Marina!

  18. tier 5 ship with 27 knots while i am sitting in my 22 knots tier 7 colorado

  19. Naval FrontlineBR

    Conte di Cavour class?????

  20. Oh look ! Swimming lasagne !

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