New Japanese Destroyers and Ise

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World of Warships Blitz features an alternative branch of Japanese destroyers and a new hybrid ship Ise: part , part . These new Japanese ships will allow you to look at the usual flow of battle in a new way. What’s unique about them? Watch our new video!


  1. Who’s here after seen the Japanese dub version video?

  2. Where’s my ww2 Hmas Sydney II war gaming?

  3. ISE is crazy, it wil be so hard to play. You have to manuever, fire your main guns, and control your aircrafts simultaneously.

  4. time to get ise

  5. John Angelo Tenorio

    Praise the Zuiun!

  6. Please add reconnaissance planes

  7. *poi intensifies*

  8. Ise should have in pc?

  9. Japanese bias confirmed

  10. Do you think the pc players are starting to get a bit jealous, first we get the Sirius before them and now this.

  11. When are you going to add the battleship Missouri?

  12. Interplanetary Transport System

    Finally a CV that can actually defend itself

  13. Teir 8 new destroyer has a 75sec torpedo reload time? Come on

  14. PLEASE WARGAMING ADD CRASH DAMAGE TO THIS GAME!! It is so frustratingly hard to immerse in the game while we are constantly reminded of how unrealistic some parts of it are!! 🙁

    • This a different game. Which means that it has different developer team. You can’t just blame them. If you don’t like it. Then go and play WoWS PC version. Otherwise don’t play it at all.

  15. i think you guys should fix the hit box and ship balance , before adding new ships

  16. iCat Formerly iCrystalaxyCat


  17. WTF IF WoW Blitz can make an Battleship Carrier why not regular WoW on PC

  18. Damn I’m immediately click to video because I though it was wows pc getting ise, welp…….
    Btw. Have a good day captain!

  19. Can we get Ise in WoWs PC pls?

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