NEW Kronshtadt BATTLECRUISER T9 premium – first REPLAY || World of Warships

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  1. i will do a full review when back from holidays 🙂 this was just one of my first games to test the ship

  2. 88th and im from Austria 🙁

  3. very similar to moskva? not too impressed

  4. Stalinum bullet velocity!

  5. They should not nerf the HP, the armor of the ship is too bad

    • Joe Ye No, the Ship traded it for Speed and Guns. It alredy looks ok.

    • The gun isn’t even that good tho, it has a battleship dispersion. 305mm AP seems weak against high tier ships and the HE isn’t that strong either because of the dispersion and rate of fire

    • The ship is fine, Its not OP its not UP. All its positive is balanced out by the negative. If you give it more health, what would you take away then?

  6. How do you get this boat?

  7. Mega budyonny

  8. High tier graf sphi. Pretty boring it seems.

  9. Scharnhorst displacement, but more HPs
    Scharnhorst+ gun caliber & arangement, but better pen & reload, better Alpha DMG on AP&HE, good firechance, better fireing angles
    Sccharnorst+ like speed but worse manevring
    Scharnhorst like dispersion of mine guns :D:D:D ( really, the numbers + 1,8 sigma – these are BB values )
    unlike Scharnhorst , for a T9 cruiser almost no AA, just average secondaries
    unlike Scharnhorst, only cruiser-like armorscheme and their thickness ( even if the belt would be 200+, its penetratable with all heavy cruisers, not to mention any BB ), but OK-isch ( for cruiser ) TDS ( Torpedo defence system )
    Big risk to eat citedel hit while nose-in. 25mm bow armor is owermatchable by all 380 and higher caliber guns in the game.
    When ppl see you – big cruiser with possibly no fireprevention cpt.skill, Zaos, Hindenburgs, DesMoiness will have Christmass to grill you down, or if broadside, out-DPM you easy.
    CVs will love you too – big, for a cruiser too clumsy target with not too impresive AA… xD
    So why to want this ship ? You wanna somethink “cruiser-like” fast and powerfull ? At T9 ? Here you are : Alsace & Missouri to your serve ! 1 with crazy speed and secondaries, 2nd with RADAR.
    But this ? nope WG, If you want to make this ship interesting, you have to add “somethink”, plus if you wanna call it “heavy cruiser” give her heavy cruiser-like dispersion. I saw multiple Kronstadt games, the salvos are real BB-like.
    You are sacrifying your armor for somethink, only speed is not enough. Howgh.
    PS: I dont even want to speculate about the purchase options… ( free XP ? this is not worth even 300k, other price in € … ? )

    • You want cruiser level of dispersion with battle ship guns,,,, What ever you just smoked you need to pass on to the rest of us, cause that’s just insane.

    • Nope bro, thats just the truth, I spoke with some guys and was in games with them who struggled with this ship, cause every other CA you will face, will just out DPM you and melt you. Your salvos are just not accurate enough to play her on the even midrange, where you should be succesfull. And you dont even have enough armor to be safe against their 203-240 mm guns even at midranges. Plus, unlike the Donskoi, you have not radar & torps, you just have not accurate guns with even worse than lets say US/JPN dispersion ( they have 2.0 sigma dont forget, this has 1.8 ) . So your role is not clear – from mid to long range you will struggle to hit somethink properly, in close range you will be deleted. Trust me, somethink is going to change – I already heard about incrasing the sigma value to standard hightier cruiser level – 2.05. So lets see…

  10. Oh my phocking gawd.. look at that armor…

  11. Vermisste deine Stimme digga sonst wie immer gutes Video selbe schreib auch noch unters Buffalo Video 🙂 aber kennst ja schon lach 🙂

  12. A sawed-off shotgun with 20 second reload, ah…, no thanks! Crank up the dispersion and I might be interested.

  13. Moskva is way better than that thing

  14. whine more so WG can overbuff her.

    • arif bajuri it’s a premium, she shouldn’t be normal t9, she should be able to hold her own in t10 like Missouri and musashi can. Right now she’s like any other t9, we need something that makes her worth the money, like MO’s has radar and musashi has Yamato caliber, she needs a slight buff somewhere so she’s not just a weaker Moskva

    • Missouri is weak, because it’s an Iowa, the one thing that makes it strong is radar.
      Musashi is a weaker Yamato.
      So why shouldn’t Kronstadt be a weaker Moskva?

      Not saying it’s in a good place, but you need to get your arguments straight. It’s not “a weaker Moskva”, it’s a fucking terrible ship.
      It’s the size of an iowa, with nowhere near the punch or survivability.
      It’s a cruiser, with nowhere near the DPM or accuracy.
      It’s a shit ship.

      It needs: BB-type heals, worse concealment, better sigma. Dispersion I can live with, horrendous accuracy with guns that aren’t actually better than Donskoi or Moskva’s I can’t.

  15. On paper she’s impressive… Thus far though, gameplay seems more comparable to a tier IX Graf Spee…

  16. poor moskva get seen by 13.9KM 🙂

  17. The ship seems balanced. Nothing spectacular and nothing I’d want to buy. Just a balanced ship I could see being a normal ship in the game. Hopefully they add something more to improve it since it is a premium. Giving back the health works for me, won’t change how this ship is played, just means it can take a few more salvos before sinking.

  18. Fire chance seems reasonable, not impressed with the performance of AP against the likes of Mogami or Ibuki, however.

    • It’s nothing special to be honest, high velocity guns tend to overpen on Mogami/Ibuki. Same with the RN cruisers.

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