New Light Cruiser Line! – Yodo First Impressions

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. oh boy if this ship is kinda ok then i can feel the pain grinding through the line which has been nerfed non stop

  2. The ship should be renamed to the NOGO.

  3. So historically, the Japanese used Light Cruisers to lead destroyer squadrons as a flagship. At least they gave it a plane since every cruiser was expected to do scouting with their seaplanes since the Japanese would rather have only strike aircraft on their carriers. I have no idea why they decided to absolutely trash the ships maneuverability for the gun count, doesn’t sound like a good time.

    • IJN also completely ditched development of light cruisers past Agano class in favor of heavy cruisers. And this line feels like attempt to mate large cruiser hull with (lots of) CL guns, something like it would be made in UA:D just for memes.

    • Then WG should’ve made it into an hybrid line with planes. I was looking forward to the IJN light crusiers but now I’m completely bummed out

  4. 2:50 I am not concerned about only 1 fire in 100 shells with IFHE. Im a fookin concern about having only 37k dmg with 100 shell hits!

    • Nhật Nguyễn Đình Minh

      @Jan Mitiska nevsky is a worse t10 cruiser, what a joke =))

    • Nhật Nguyễn Đình Minh

      @Jan Mitiska Lol, it’s just funny when I see you say Nesvky has worse HE dpm. I understand you are comparing “stats on paper”. But including Nesvky in the example is lame. Because Nesvky has the pen, the range and fire chance. Which makes HE dpm in reality quite insane.

    • @Jan Mitiska sub 400 per hit is perfectly normal for CLs without penetration buffs. Consider how many penned versus how many shattered then compare that to the indicated maximum HE damage the shell is capable of. Yeah… sounds like an American 152mm gun to me

  5. Wish they would’ve made them a line of Yubari’s tbh.

  6. i think running it without ifhe would be interesting. as you said, the dpm is not good anyway. since fires don’t care about penetrations, you wouldn’t have to care. increasing your fires not only helps your dmg, but it also contributes to team play and battle impact. your fires = dcp’s. dcp’s = you and team mates getting more perma fires. perma fires = red team bb’s making gamer turns and running away. gamer turns = possible dev strikes. running away = your dd’s have more support in the caps. finally, and perhaps the most important point is frequent perma fires really piss people off.
    when zao comes out of testing it will be a monster.

    • It has a low fire chance. Ive seen a couple of CC’s running it with a full torpedo build and it works out better and running Defensive AA because the AA on that ship is disgusting (in a good way)

    • @Jose Mercado Yodo’s AA is okay, it’s not great and honestly if you want a Cruiser to do AA with grab the Dutch or the American lights. They have AA that will scare a CV, Yodo will at most shoot down 2-3 planes, Gouden Leeuw or Worcester in contrast eat squads like candy.

      For reference Yodo has ~200 for med and long range AA, 150 short.
      Leeuw has 535 med 168 long
      Worcester has 143 short, 434 med and 136 long

      On a full AA build both Leeuw and Worcester have almost as much DPS in their med range than Yodo has in all of it’s ranges combined. Yodo’s AA is fairly comparable to Yoshino(though she even loses out on DPS there, only really has an edge in range.)

  7. Looks like a bad Harugumo to me. Perhaps best used on the flank to harass and use as an area denial ship. If you spam each turret one after the other, the firing rate would be pretty intimidating, but your damage is going to be limited. I don’t see this thing being able to stand up against much of anything at T10.

    Now seeing the entire video, this ship might be pretty decent as a flanker in a team, but they would have to be coordinated. And if you’re going to play in a coordinated team, then there are a lot of other better ships to use…including the Harugumo.

    Also, great choice of music for the end of the video. Oblivion is a banger movie.

  8. Honestly the IJN CLs was one of very few upcoming lines I was actually hyped about in the last few years. When I first saw their designs for the high tier ships and later the intended stats that hype died a swift and conclusive death.
    They created what could be described as the polar opposite of what I was expecting them to be based on what the IJN historically did and planned to do with CLs and what characterizes the IJN in the game, and also made them totally unappealing at the same time.
    Your impression so far just confirm and cement what I was already assuming about them: They are specialized in what I would consider the most boring and unfulfilling part of the game, apart from the fact they are not even particularly good at that, while at the same time paying to make up for that ‘strength’ for some weird reason.
    Even if I’m not particularly happy about what you show us this time, your content is highly valued and appreciate as always, so thanks for that.

    • It’s IJN CA and torpedoboats all over again. Filling a niche that existed a while back that has since been filled by better ships, but it’s fine because “long range, hard hitting torpedoes”

  9. I don’t think there’s much that can be said about these ships – they’re ranged damage farmers. Yodo is basically Yoshino with much lower per-shell alpha but double the number of guns, long range area denial torps, and a huge but squishy hull that explodes when poked the wrong way.

  10. I’d be very curious to see some videos on the rest of the line, since the entire thing has been nerfed into the floor in order to incentivize people with no self control to just buy the tier 10.

    • T5 and 6 are okay, they aren’t great but they aren’t bad ether. I’ve been able to pull 50-70k games out of them without much effort. Torps on the T5 are fairly garbage though, but they also aren’t necessary for good damage ether. Been using my Mogami captain on them, built with Last Stand/Priority Target(because there really isn’t a better 2 point skill for them)/Heavy HE/ Adrenaline Rush/IFHE/CE, figure that will likely be the way to go with these ships is to play them like a 155 Mogami. Though 155 Mogami also makes most of them redundant, as she out DPMs all of them stock. Yodo only gets better DPM after reload mod is added.

  11. I would say play it like a giant DD. Its gimmick is the torpedoes and less guns. I played against other Yodo players and they play it like a Jinan that resembles an Atlanta and has deep water torpedoes. You can flood the area youre screening with torpedoes. 15KM range torps with a 12K concealment is good. Its not Zao levels of concealment (9.9K surface). The one thing the Yodo has over the Zao is the health pool. With Survivability expert it gets 59,800 compared to Zao’s 44,900 HP with SE. I would honestly run the ship as a full torpedo build (increase flood chance, torp speed and of course the tier 3 torp, adrenaline rush, Survivability expert) with torpedo mods in slots 3 and 6 and rudder shift in slot 4. Again, I would treat the yodo as a torpedo spamming DD and I will use Defensive AA over the Hydro because believe it or not, The Yodo will destroy planes very quickly before the strike ever has a chance to attack (6 outer, 2 inner puffs). Thats how I see the Yodo and I play it that way.

  12. Let’s keep them invested in the game.

  13. I feel like something like that french CL covered in the Marceau guns but with the japanese 100mm guns would be better.

  14. This ship is…very situational. I had a practice session with my clan a while before I made this comment, one of the guys brought out Yodo and he just imploded when I shot him with my Montana, same thing happened when I shot him with Colombo which had much higher velocity shells. He barely did anything in every match he used it on. Now I don’t think he’s used to its true playstyles at all, whatever said playstyle is but I don’t see this ship being any good in battles that you see nowadays where you have a suicide squad for a team, don’t even mention it for ranked and clan battles where player count is limited.

  15. Braincancer activism

    I got the Shimanto yesterday and got into a Tier 10 battle. Got my “patrol scout” achievment by flanking and spotting BBs. Lot of torp spamming but little shooting. I’m actually intrigued…

  16. I have this issue with IJN cruisers, first of all I like Zao and all other heavy cruisers (especially Myoko, she is a beast in ranked), but when you compare Zao, Yoshino, Yodo, they feel the same and I don’t have this issue with other nationalities. Take british cruiser for example, the two lines are completely different in their roles, their feel.

  17. honestly they need either a reload buff or a shell flight time change Zao needs a reload buff and either an armor change or a large hp buff

  18. This seems like a ship that’s challenging to play. Since I do like the Japanese cruisers, there is a good chance I’ll enjoy this line. I’ll have to find out and decide for myself.

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