New Lighthouse auction—new rules: Musashi | World of Warships

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New Lighthouse auction—new rules!
Ichirō Satō has good news for you: The Lighthouse auction is ready to receive guests. The brilliant engineer not only switched on the light for participants, but he also prepared new rules. Remember to check them out before you set off!

⚓ Rules of the Single-Price Auction ⚓
You can participate in the Lighthouse auction only via a special category in the Armory.
Each Lighthouse auction comprises the following stages:
1. The lots, their starting prices, and the number of possible bid winners are announced.
2. The auction begins, and bids can be placed.
3. The results of the auction are summed up—bids are no longer accepted.
4. There are no losers: The Lighthouse auction winners receive their rewards while the other auction participants receive their bids back.
The number of auctioned bundles is limited for each lot. Once the Lighthouse auction results have been summed up, the highest bids win. If the bids are tied, the bids that were made earliest win. For tied bids, the time when the last bid change was made is also taken into account. However, all winners will only pay as much as the lowest winning bid for the selected lot. Any excess will be returned to their accounts. Each winner obtains one bundle.
Depending on the lot, you can use various in-game resources for your bid.
It’s a no-risk adventure! Any bid that doesn’t win will be returned to the bidder when the auction closes.
More details:

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  1. は、早いぞ武蔵!(オークション登場)

  2. A ship so nice i needed to see it twice.

  3. Give us back!!!! We need 20,000 Research Points

  4. Musashi used to be great when it was a T10 ship playing at T9. Now that there’s a bunch of T11 ships designated as T10, it doesn’t stand out any more. How much T10 and superships have Musashi sized guns or bigger?

    • Musashi is still one of the most broken premiums.

    • Play ranked you’ll see.

    • @Clearwood It’s super strong in ranked. Just not so much in randoms.

    • Doesn’t matter. It ends up in plenty of matches without superships around. It’s still one of the most broken ships in the game to the point it’s considered a meme ship. It’s guns annihilate anything from any angle. Broadside, bow, stern. If even just a couple of it’s rounds connect on most ships, your match is ruined.

  5. I blame Karma on this lol I wanted the damn thing several years ago and now I’m going to get her…

    Then again at the time I didn’t have WoW… I think

  6. You made the minimum bid on Musashi way too high. 20,000 doubloons? That’s 80 dollars

  7. GodzillaFan 2016

    Lmao did y’all read my message on the server about the editing error

  8. Sod off, The game doesn’t need more broken Musashis.

  9. I’m gonna miss the auction

  10. Vishal Kumar Singh

    Ah yes auction is also paid. Who would have thought.

  11. Because regular T9 BB Players didn’t suffer enough already since the introduction of T11 and Submarines

  12. EmberWolfGaming

    yea an $80 ship so therefore unless u spend hard cash into this game u aint getting it

  13. Who is Ichiro sato?
    Is he a real person in history?

  14. this auction is more expensive than the PR dockyard LMAO

  15. I have been waiting over 2 years to acquire the IJN Musashi Battleship, but instead World of Warships decides to only offer it via Auction so only the wealthy Players are able to obtain the Musashi Battleship! I would much preferred that World of Warships made it that the IJN Musashi Battleship was either a ship you could earn, or even build in the Dockyard or at the very least be offered in either the Amory were it you could trade Coal, Steel or Research Points to obtain the IJN Musashi Battleship and lastly offered in the Premium Store!

  16. Not a great idea

  17. Angel David Toca

    ther is something you gotta upgrade anti submarine warfare its too op when on surface you can sufer from deep charges while others don´t and its causes everything

  18. It’s really a shame I’m disappointed, I would have expected more from this considering the ship. Shame they couldn’t have done something like they had done with Missouri and improved upon that, then it may have been passable.

  19. I’m sure, the guy at the end of the video didn’t say “good show”. He said “horrible idea”

  20. This is a good transaction

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