New Map World of Warships: The Faroe Islands Are Already in the Game!

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The Faroe Islands Are Already in the Game!
In autumn of 2021, you helped us choose the visual style for the new map.
This was followed by long months of preparation and meticulous work. Finally, the Faroe Islands map has been introduced into World of Warships and is ready for battle!
00:00 — New Map World of Warships: The Faroe Islands
00:45 — Map Appearance
01:35 — Tiers and Modes
01:45 — How to play: Three Key Areas
04:05 — How to play: Four Key Areas

🔊 Let’s dive into the details of these and other changes!

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  1. Thanks art department for still carrying the game

  2. rumika dissanayake

    Amazing maps 🙂

  3. Art departement you are the best this game has seen.

  4. Beautiful craftsmanship guys.

    – I personally would love to enjoy these maps even more, by playing in some kind of multi round matches. Each player chooses three ships for the whole match, one per round. Each round lasts about 20min, with different conditions and time of day. The team that wins 2 out of 3 rounds, wins. That way we can enjoy maps during all its cycles.
    – Another idea: imagine a multi layered map where you have to push into enemy lines. Something like operations in Battlefield 1 were.

    There is so much potential to this game, its astonishing.

  5. Sees the stranded viking ship:”Some captain didn’t listen to the collision warning”

  6. You guys could easily port these maps into a simple flight sim game, sell it for $5, and make big bucks.

  7. Once again, kudos to the graphics department, they are doing an amazing job! Will be very interesting to explore the balance of the layout while enjoying the scenery. On that note, please let us have a new map a bit more frequent. Been over 2 years since the last new map release.

  8. Kostasolol rockie

    This is very well made! good job!

  9. This new map is amazing!

  10. Great looking map! Keep up with 1-2 new maps every year for a healthy game for years to come. 🙂

  11. I am still constantly in awe of how beautiful these maps are. Looking forward to doing battles here

  12. Yall need to make a night battle map, it would be epic with tracer fire, cannon blasts and search lights finding the enemy…limit the detection ranges with the use of illumination flares and they would be furious knife fights in a telephone booth.

  13. I am shocked and stunned to see the quantity of ships in the game and the quality of game especially maps which are not justly for playing as I see other game maps but your ones are soo beautiful and realistic that most of the time I just look at the graphics which make me wonder as I am inside the map. Well done developers of World of Warships

  14. This is a great map to hunt down and kill destroyers using the tier 10 U boat I was very successful during testing doing so.

  15. Played this map once yesterday. Does not feel like a rush one side map. Game was long and grinding and close finish. Maybe just luck of two decent teams or RNG, who knows? Time will tell.

  16. Theoretically it seems to be an interesting and challenging map. We will see in practice.
    WG need new maps to refresh the game and the desire to play with new challenges. Make a map of conquest in which the parties involved have to pass a gorge to reach the opposite base and let the war take place in an attempt to pass that same gorge, it will be an intense fight for sure.

  17. New maps do a lot to increase replayability. Thank you Wargaming

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