NEW MAX Damage EU Record || HINDENBURG || World of Warships

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  1. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    German Engeneering , quality since around 1930 :b

  2. Description ( PLAYER)

    i know that theirs mistakes i shouldn’t do … i did some noob mistakes in this battle and its should be a win 🙁

    • Can’t fault them it was a near flawless play. However, the rest of the team? Yeah…even if half had put as much effort as the Hindie..this was a victory.

    • Panzerknacker “player” needs some grammar. Lol jk. great gameplay

    • Panzerknacker yes 11:43 think u where Broadside to GkFurst but u played well thats was awsome and i love this beauty . What ur captain build and upgrade module pliz ? And i know Zao using rpf GooD for clan battle but why in Hindenburg ?

  3. Learn from your mistakes next time make a good video

  4. Carry harder XD

  5. Should have threw both torpedo sets at that GK, gg otherwise

    • exactly …. that is my mistake , i should sent them both …. but the moment i lunch the first i saw him slow down so i deside to save them …. 🙁

  6. Holy fuking crap…

  7. Again SO close to an awesome comeback

  8. Sad that he didnt break 400k 🙁
    I didnt know that the damage record was “only” 398k on EU. Not to say that 398k damage is bad (my damage record is about 160k lower :-P) but I thought it would at least be 400k on EU

  9. Impressive, it hurts to lose the game. even so congratulations

  10. When your team should play tetris for months before playing Wows …

  11. shoots HE to BB AP to Cruiser.
    Very much of Standard Hindenburg game.
    Plus top class skill seasoned top of it

  12. Has anyone noticed that the matches you play the best in, you tend to lose?

  13. An Amsterdam flag for the intro? An Ajax Hindenburg?

  14. boar 400k ist schon brutal! Respekt

  15. This replay provides yet another example of how damage farmers don’t necessarily correlate with amazing skill. Range mod and spotted plane? RPF? The distance he stayed away from objectives for the vast majority of the replay? Yep “great game”. The damage is absurd yes, but unfortunately people are gonna see this and be like “omg this is amazing, what a game” and what I see is “great damage, horrible teamplay”

    • Thought the same when I saw he’s using range mod instead of reload mod. WTF?

    • Nikoolix its a clan battles build … we use rang mod and spoters to shoot des moins and moskovas from the other side … thats all … at randoms when there is no clan battles i use reload mod .. thats all

    • Oklah Rushdan ok ??

    • Patrick Joergensen

      I use reload mod, but have spotter instead of fighter because really… the fighter’s shit xD and a spotter allows me to better punish RN cruisers in smoke 😛

      I have RPF as well, so I can track the whereabouts of enemy DDs trying to flank me.
      Has worked in my favor many times 🙂

    • WG only award damage! As longer is main objective , no another game play will be rewarded. Sickness of the game : all lovely streaming puppets.

  16. How come your recent stats are unicum level, but your overalls like dead average?

  17. A Conquerer getting set on fire? Oh the irony…

  18. Wow, what a top effort!

  19. Alexandr Abramovsky

    What a game! WP dude!

  20. 11:05 – 177k Damage, only 3 enemy ships dead. This shows nicely how little influence on the outcome raw damage has and why objectives are important.

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