New Mexico 6kills / 198K / 11citadel || World of Warships

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  1. Ronnald Esterson Terson

    faster reload

  2. nah. all of them presented their broadsides. easy.

  3. what a beast!

  4. Joga muito. (Brazil)

  5. This guy has a Dispersion Mod.5

  6. Wtf ? The best new mexico match i ever seen?

  7. Kazeshini Hasagi

    Broadside potatoes lel

  8. Richard Collins

    Man, that Rapunzel_Tangled guy was really spamming chat

  9. There is something always fishy on the Asian servers

  10. 3 of his first 4 or 5 salvos was kills all of them was showing there broadside guess they failed the not showing broadside class

  11. Schade hat echt zu wenig Geld bekommen für seine Leistung
    hat 50% die anderen raus genommen
    Hut ab nicht schlecht

  12. Igelitovy Sacek

    Broadside potatoes, all of them

  13. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Ok wtf…all of these are literally free dmg

  14. 헐 한국사람?

  15. No matter what you do, there will always be an Asian better than you

  16. Nice aimbot

  17. Check at 6 mins – there are 5 boats in a position to spam HE at him and none of them bother. When they get the message, they miss. Potato barely describes it. Nice shooting though…

  18. Yep thx everyone, it’s my play.
    Ugh… actually this is my 2nd account of WOWS game.
    And also first game on New Mexico!
    It’s been a while I played NM, (in my 1st account) I didn’t know that New Mexico have so so great power at that time lel.
    Anyway thx for watching, thx for Panzerknacker everytime, good luck and fair seas, may RNG bless you people.

  19. well, this New Mexico is a CAN OPENER !!!!

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