New Mexico / “Wild JAMDEAR appeared!”

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In all these years, despite the intro card, I’ve never actually used that as a title. Huh.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. If something looks a little “different” with this video, I had a go at hardware rendering on my new GPU. Also, no new intro yet, as I ran into a rather annoying little replay bug when I was trying to create it…

  2. Greetings, pointy head!

  3. New Mexico is to me what the AMX40 is to PHJ.

  4. When I moved from the New York to the New Mexico, I was overjoyed. It seemed such a huge improvement over the NY. When I got the Colorado, however, it sank home how bad the NM was in comparison. Sure, Colorado had one less gun, but each shell hit for more and hit harder. More importantly, _it_ _hit_ _what_ _I_ _was_ _aiming_ _at_ . I love the Colorado, and hate it at the same time, for showing me that.

  5. “Us, warships-type people 😀
    That makes me wonder, what anthropomorphic warship (“ship lad”?) would the PointyHairedJedi be? And would he be in kilt?

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