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I am not joking when I say that Eagle is by far the most overpowered ship in the entire game at the moment in my opinion.

This was only my 1st ever match in it, let’s just say I got better in it since then.

I think WG is finding ways to put floating ships under the water, if you catch my drift.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The player’s base: We need better AAs or nerf CVs
    WG: How about a Uno reverse ◀️

    • I have a Halland, full AA build, got clapped and killed by this ship in just two passes. Really pissed me off.

  2. 8:24 is gold. Not even funny anymore WG. Thanks to Flambass for showing what a competent super CV player can do to the red team.

    • Totally agree. We need a non-CV, non-sub mode back.

    • Richard Anderson

      I quit over subs and cvs. I would return if they made a mode without them.

    • ​@RS2Russ Many of us warned WG during Alpha and Beta testing about all this crap and how players would hate it. Told them they’d NEVER manage to balance CVs because either they’d be shit to play and people wouldn’t bother OR they’d be OP and everyone ELSE would hate them.

      Of course we all know how much WG listens to its customers, even those supposedly testing (what we really were doing was populating the almighty spreadsheet).
      It’s why I quit just short of 500 games after launch. Knew where it would go, wasn’t going to put time into it.

      No way will WG ever put up a “no CV” mode because they know it’s where everyone would play.

      I’m surprised they didn’t offer it BUT stick a big price tag on the access to it (make it like a second form of Premium). I’d be interested to see if they’d make more money from people AVOIDING playing CVs than I imagine they’ve made from people playing them, LOL. If they DID, they’d have to accept they were “mistaken” about how people really feel about CVs, which they would NEVER, EVER admit.

      It’s possible some of this BS might alter now the jerks in St Petersburg aren’t calling the shots, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it.

    • andreas pedersen

      @Steeltrap Well… “price tag” is the main word in this instance.
      Just as with the CV-rework they used a lot of money on the subs, and if there is one thing investors hate, it is wasting money without getting anything in return. Quite sure some of the developers advised that it would be a bad idea, because it would cause serious balancing issues.

    • ​@andreas pedersen Yes, if CVs and the absurd “have to keep at least x% of players playing them” told us anything, those things would include that WG has “sunk cost fallacy” up the wahzoo and that player feedback/enjoyment isn’t likely in an HONEST top 10 of WG’s priorities.

      Going to be very interesting if removing St Petersburg (and its allegedly/apparently toxic internal culture) from development will have the slightest effect on any of those things.

      Based on subs and this truly astoundingly all but idiot-proof CV, significantly more “look, mum, no hands or clue about anything in this game beyond click at the red things”-proof than pretty much anything I’ve seen (which tells you something given I started in Alpha testing and have watched people on YT despite quitting playing), I hope for current players’ sake it DOES change.

      I suspect they’ll have just as much sunk cost idiocy with subs as they do with CVs, so I suspect not, or at least not in a good way, LOL.

      Would appeal to my sense of irony if Subs prove the last straw and torpedo a lot of experienced players’ willingness to play.

      In fact if I WERE ever to play again, it might be with subs just to learn how to troll with them/see how broken they can be.
      I’m stuck in the Asia server and WG won’t let me back to NA, so playing something that largely can ignore CVs is all but mandatory as EVERY GAME has 2 CVs per side, or certainly did.

      Fascinating seeing how much rationalisation goes on in CV players’ minds as to how the CV isn’t broken, it’s just other players suck despite all the stats in the world saying otherwise.


      [As an aside, one of the worst mistakes I made was believing anything WG told us to induce us to move from NA back when the Asia server (or SEA as it was called) first started; the promised improvements vanished and we were left with a bunch of bots, AFK-ers, notorious cheats, incredible timid game play, and [][][][][] [][] [][][][] being the most frequently uttered language in chat, LOL. It’s also interesting to see just how little it matters to WG that I’ve been involved with them since 2010 WoT Beta testing, have a load of premium and rare vehicles, then Alpha testing WoWS through to release. No attempt to induce me back, never see any emails from them, which is also why I missed an opportunity to transfer to NA last year – and also proves what BS it is when they say “we’re unable to transfer players”. Such a shitty, dishonest, unprincipled company]

  3. Reftous Warships

    thats definitely what those rockets are for strafing a target area

  4. The best part about this is how effortless the whole thing was. He just did it so casually without even trying hard.

  5. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Love how one of the Meteors was lost so much faster than the first ever Wyvern. Guess those ww2 gunners can target jets better

    • Are we actually arguing FOR cvs?

    • @Adam Marcinkowski They wouldn’t. Think how much ordnance they had to put up against WW2 aircraft and the predicted hit rates.

    • @Adam Marcinkowski simply, do the same as they did in WW2. Trow shells wall in the air and hope for the best.

    • Jussi Raitoniemi

      @Cole Parker no, we’re arguing for how BS RNG is in this game

    • @Cole Parker No, just lamenting that even though there may be some realistic sense to a couple of bullets bringing down a jet even if there’s a lot less chance to hit them, it’s still just fantasy RNG balans.

  6. Boaty McBoatface

    This happened to me the other night in the Alsace, games been running for a minute or so an Eagle torp flight appears in front of me, two runs (my ineffective AA, and a fighter in the air) 30k HP lost, a minute or so later a bombing run took another 30k so 90% of my HP lost in 4 mins and I had no defence, I asked the player if he enjoyed spoiling the game by using these ships “you were the easiest target, stop crying” to me it’s little different to FPS wall hacks but provided by WG

    • Happened to me last night. In a Charles martel in a one dd game and I was spotting and capping in the far flank. I had dfa, fighter jet and priority targeting running. Cv still killed me in less than three minutes. And when I thanked him in chat he reminded me that he is only a t 6 carrier and it isn’t that powerful.

    • @Matthew10950 what T6 CV has the damage to kill you in 3 minutes?

    • @Xenon 312  can’t remember which one it was, I took a shot from a Russian bb as well, I think.

    • Don’t hate the player hate the game.

    • @Brian Gulley Lol exactly, and never forget, these cv players are still way better behaving than the average wot bloke does 😂

  7. interested to see how you’ll do once you have a few more games with this thing, Flamborough

  8. Wait till you see my very next, 2nd ever match in this ship 😂

  9. Michele Dall'Alba

    It’s WG’s take on historically accurate: surface ships becoming obsolete/not relevant with the arrival of CVS and subs

  10. my experience with this thing (only 2 games) was, that my planes just died instantly, against a bit of better AA like Halland and Petro… But i am also a bad CV player i think… thank god for my enemies, cant bear too much of this after having suffered from enemy CVs all the time

  11. Wargaming: “Carriers are perfectly balanced.”

    Flambass: “11:39”

  12. Patrick Claycomb

    It was 6342 damage to the freisland during the rocket strike.

  13. I love these kind of replays…
    They kept me away from this game for 1 year and I’m still not tempted to install it again.
    And to think I used to love this game. But I saw what this game is becoming. Think of it as 2 layers. First layer is the actual game we love. We get that part pretty much for free. Second layer is the buiness layer for WG – where they sell bundles, ships etc. The guys from 2nd layer are paying WG for manhunt – 1st layer are the prey.

    • I think the only slight problem is that the guys from the first layer are somewhat competent to the game. Meanwhile the incompetent ones grab the OP ships by throwing money at it to compensate for their lack of skill.

  14. Am I the only one who misses the days when you could send your fighters to target the other CVs planes??? Seems like it might be time for that to come back.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      i came back just after the cv rework and i was so ready to go cv;)
      now the bbs are gone with no aa . game went to crap with the ship money grab

  15. Fighters dogfight should be back. That would keep the CVs busy for a while giving surface ships some time to breath and play the game.

  16. I literally just uninstalled this game yesterday after dealing with this Cv and a balao at the same time for almost the entire game in a al. Nevsky. It was literally like I couldn’t do damage to either one of them. Spec’d for aa and it did nothing. Ping after ping after ping from the sub. Game is ruined.

  17. In 2+ years in watching his videos, that has to be the fastest Kracken for a carrier he has played.

  18. This “ship” shoots infinite amount of guided missiles (disguised as “planes”) which have flying time comparable to an artillery shell. And those missiles can freely fly around the map and spot things on the way.

  19. So exciting to play battleship these days with planes and subs

  20. they should do a Japanese super CV with kamikaze plane that do the same amount of damage as 12 Shima torps. totally awesome. lol.

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