NEW – October Revolution Goes Capitalist Hunting – World of Warships

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NEW – October Revolution Goes Capitalist Hunting – World of Warships
Reckless_Banana V Октябрьская революция
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  1. the new russian premium ! what u think about it ? OP ? many front facing guns….looks easy to play…..

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Red Alert music sounding in the background

  3. One capitalist disliked the video already.

  4. Hahaha NEW – October Revolution Goes Capitalist Hunting. Its not russian bias but something more sinister. Im done with this channel – bye

    Its not the channels fault it turned into communist spewing propaganda, its all WG

  5. bb sniping in the back…. classic

  6. Strange looking ship isn’t it, look’s like a steam paddle ship missing it’s paddle wheel’s lol,

  7. Amazing dispersion – what’s that going to cost me?

  8. He is sniping while he is losing…Classic bb noob

  9. Bad Replay….why does he cruise with a BB behind the CVs?
    He had to go in for the fight and not snipe in the background!
    And then he tells the DDs to cap although he abandon whole team in the cap!

  10. 2 cvs might be a problem sometimes because of the charges of repair

  11. whats the firing range of this ship?

  12. Brian Messerschmidt

    Looks like the Forecastle ans Sterncastle are being held together with 100 mph tape

  13. Sitting behind his aircraft carriers and sniping… not only bad play, but also incredibly boring to watch

  14. That guys was a fantastic shot! As for the ship: it’s the ugliest darn thing I’ve ever seen. But, It looks like it’ll be a tank on the water if WG doesn’t nerf it first. OP? Maybe for tier 5. I wonder how it would as a tier 6 ship.

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