New Operation Wolfpack in World of Warships

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You will no longer have to be in a Division to participate in Operation Wolfpack. Here are the details!
Update 0.11.9 brings Operation Wolfpack into the game. It will help you get acquainted with submarines’ features and gameplay.
From the time of the Great War, submarine groups were used to jointly search for and attack convoys. A special term was coined for the tactic and fixed in all naval textbooks—”wolfpack.” It genuinely resembled how a pack of wolves acts during hunting—spotting the prey, pursuing it, and striking suddenly as a group. The new Operation will allow you to try out this tactic that submarine groups adhered to during the First and Second World Wars.
Operation Wolfpack is set to become available to all players, and your allies will be matched automatically. At the same time, you’ll still be able to participate in Operation Wolfpack as part of a Division throughout Update 0.11.9.
00:00 – History. Wolfpack
01:30 – Operation Wolfpack in World of Warships

👁‍🗨 In The Ports of World of Warships —

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  1. this is where subs ought to be

  2. FInally! A mission where subs DO belong! NOT In any other game type, but convoys!

  3. John Francis Terne

    seeing as to how useless most subs can be in randoms, this is a good idea

  4. Fine in this mode (scenarios) and co-op, but I don’t feel they belong in random/pvp.

  5. It took a very long time to develop, but the results seemed disappointing.

    • Because they have to try to please everybody. Especially the whiners who are the loudest. The same people who hate arty in WoT and snipers in CoD. Whinge about something because they don’t know how to counter it and it ruins their stupid win:loss ratio. They ruined arty in WoT all those years ago. They ruined submarines. And I bet they were responsible for the change in CV gameplay, too, ruining carriers.

      “It’s OP because I can’t just see it, point my gun and kill it! Rah! I’m stupid!”

    • When one of these people gets killed by another ship it’s fine., but if they get killed by a sub it’s obviously because the sub is OP.

  6. War gaming if you are going game modes. Go all the way. You know that things like saving transylvania and any similar game modes attract more and positive attention. So.

    Drop any new ships you are working on and put your work into making more game modes. Spam them.
    Hell give that capability to us players. To make our own game modes, missions and possibly even maps. It’s a game remember that.
    The biggest reward players can ever receive is if they have had fun.

    And in doing that you are losing nothing and will attract more players. All you have to do is give support to the creative side of the game if you add one.

    War gaming go the whole way. Its worth it.

  7. Better this than subs in random battles, they just make the game so passive and boring.

  8. I normally would be all over this but the crap we have to deal with because of subs in randoms and co-op killed all my enthusiasm.

  9. Michael USS Wisconsin

    They always forget the US wolfpacks in the Pacific

  10. this game mode is how the submarine introduction should have been started

  11. THIS is the only game mode where submarines make sense!

  12. I was expecting him to say: They were designed to be the best, they met enemies face to face, endured tragedies and enjoyed victories, they went down in history due to bravery of their crews, they are the ships that deserve to be called, Naval Legends.

  13. WeeGee: *post a sub video*
    Community: “Very nice video, now get ratio’d”

  14. Finally something where using subs is fitting

  15. if subs were ONLY in special modes like this i think they wouldn’t get all the hate they do. i would play in this mode, but because i hate the idea of them in random/coop games i won’t even play them here, just because of my hate for them. if WG would just listen to the players ONCE IN THEIR HISTORY, it would be smart to do it about subs.

  16. How to play this Operation Wolfpack? The only operation I can do is the Halloween special and even with the T6 submarine chosen when I choose Wolfpack the Battle button is grey out

    • As of right now you can only play this operation in a division of at least 4 people. If you wish to solo queue you have to wait until the halloween event is over.

    • Starts: Wed. 19 Oct. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Wed. 19 Oct. 07:00

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