New Personal Damage Record in Jean Bart! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Hey Spartan can we see a video with either the munchen or Florida if you still have it?

  2. God this ship is disgusting lmao. Good game though and it’s still impressive because you’re damn good at the game lmao

  3. Royal Knight Howe

    Man Spartan the French always seem to get you new damage records

  4. Greatly appreciate the fact that you mentioned Step fathers, myself being one. Thankyou!😃

  5. JB doing JB things

    Spartan having Spartan RNG too 🤣

    You did more than 2 times the high cal in this one, your teamates were basicaly useless

  6. Wussssssup bro back again with great vedios … ✨

  7. Thank you. Was a great weekend as my holidays started woohooo.

  8. Great game spartan can u jump into the king George V

  9. Hiya Spartan, great vid btw, wondering if the richiculu (final French BB idk how to spell it) is worth it. Also I saw your insta posts and you look fab!

  10. I had a 3500 xp loss about a week ago was so epic I had to congratulate the enemy team on that one it was a straight up fist fight at the end

  11. My life has got to the point now where I come home from work and tune in to my daily does of spartan. What an epic fight, Iv been watching your content for about a year and a half now and apart from the “path to” videos these random battleship battles are bar far my favorite. I used to be a cruiser main, but over the last 6 months iv changed to battleship main as it presents a far grater challenge. Last week I got my first ever 6 pack in the conqueror with with almost 3.7k base exp which is a personal best for me in a battleship, iv just turned it in to one of my first you tube videos.
    Thanks for your content its been massively helpful for me and my friends that I play with at progressing us faster through the game. Hopefully one day the game will have a built in tutorial system that will allow players to understand overmathcing and pen angles.
    Looking forward to tie 8 👍✌

  12. Hitting low health cruisers and destoyers for 4 (or more) overpens leaving them alive when they’re begging for it seems to be a feature of this game, not something up to chance.

  13. Excellent game. Its gotten to the point where huge games arent guarantee the W. Keep up the great work on these videos.

  14. Great shout out to all the dad’s Spartan🙌 great game and keep on blaaping😂

  15. Man I wish they’d bring this ship back to buy. I’d buy it in an instant, it’s literally the ship I’ve always wanted the most.

  16. Connor Williamson

    New favorite youtube channel. Love this my man

  17. My first campaign ship and my favorite BB. I use AL Dunkerque for the 1 sec shell switch and punish DDs that think they can yolo.

  18. During ur challenge in the Jean Bart I was the GK (I was shooting AP btw not HE that was just my secondary build) lucky I didn’t match with you again for this one😉

  19. Jean bart is so overpowerd man!

  20. Did about 212k damage with the thing yesterday. JB is a beast if you are aggressive but not stupid. Hey Spartan, what kind of built do you have? My JB doesn’t exceed 30.5 kts – with the booster.

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