New Premium DD HILL – 7 Kills – World of Warships

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  1. bastantes mancos los dd enemigos

  2. Have never understood how these games happen. This guy kills 3 ships at the start of the game and not ONE of those 3 ships bothers to try to SHOOT BACK AT HIM. I have NEVER been in a WOWS game where my first 3 opponents just decided not to shoot their guns back at me while I was trying to sink them. NEVER. I don’t understand how these replays happen with this game because this is NOT what you see when you actually play the game.

    • He was undetected for the majority of time while getting the first 3 kills, and when he wasn’t, he was getting shot at. Only the 3rd didn’t fire back

    • Because a lot of these types of videos are made capable by inferior opponents. The first three kills didn’t really do much in terms of dodging, torping into the smoke, or blind firing. They just died.

  3. Love this ship! And a masterful game you had big time carry…….?

  4. Seal clubber

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