NEW Premium Destroyer, Fujin – World of Warships

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  1. If the game is tier 7 and you are tier 5 that means you are UNDER tier. You
    kept saying you were over tier. Otherwise, that was a good video.

  2. the ships camo is good, if your sailing in spaghetti 😀 :-D

  3. warspite vs a selection of Japanese cruisers (based around a actual action
    it had in japan vs armed merchant cruisers)

  4. I wish war thunder ground forces have howitzers and artillerys

  5. Destroyers -all that matters the most is concealment, detection ranges, and
    torpedo range/dmg/amount/reload. Some destroyers have very usable guns,
    too…some have utterly useless guns.

    Minekaze was nerfed heavily from having a 10km torpedo range, down to 7km.,
    while at the same time increasing the detection range. Essentially, you now
    have between 6.2km and 7.0km to maneuver undetected –pretty much
    impossible to do most of the time. This means changing tactics is
    necessary, and only hit and run will work effectively, which is something
    every other Japanese destroyer just isn’t designed to excel at. Japanese
    DD’s are mainly long range hitters, and the only exceptions are at low
    levels when it really isn’t needed. Sure, folks can play them however they
    like, some do well playing them more like US destroyers, but the point I am
    making is that the main factor which separates them from other lines has
    been range for torps. Now, the Minekaze has been relegated to the Russian
    line of destroyers without the number of torps. At least it still has a
    fast reload time. You only have a limited amount of smoke…good luck
    hiding and hoping for that perfect moment to strike in the Minekaze.

  6. still no shiratsuyu class….

  7. please forget some times torps , use your guns man, please…..

  8. I’m that CV, lol…. you pushed DD towards me, I blame that on you. Cuz I
    took down that cruiser but sunk by that DD. XD

  9. Next thing you know, they’re gonna make a premium ship named Raiden.

  10. +tristen toulouse, cant reply to his comment directly….. it is more like
    barely not a match of the minekaze. It’s identical in almost every way dude
    and premium status is a reason for buying it

  11. Yamato & Bismark VS Montana X & Iowa

    please :)

  12. baron u r bad at torps. u use wide spread too much. u shudnt with double
    torp launchers.

  13. Make an all torpedo battle. Torpedo planes and torpedo ships. No main guns!

  14. aka the rainbow

  15. I hope they bring in the Alaska class cruisers one day.

  16. u should do a sherman 105 line battle in war thunder custom battles

  17. i will try and get my c-hull this weekend on my nagato. it will be hard

  18. you can turn those chat things off “lets give them a hard time”. i was so
    relieved when i worked it out

  19. “poll” Say yes if you have the same idea as I have: a Baron vs Ichase
    battle!! Oh I would love to sell tickets to that dance!!

  20. Fujin is cool but I wish they would sell just the ship. I hate those
    package deals they keep sticking on these ships.

  21. Love it

  22. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I am not first
    And neither are yo-


  23. Any1 else notice that the command voices sound like Simon Jarrett from

  24. Why would you spend real money when this thing is barely a match for the
    minekaze it makes no sense but anyways it’s a tier five Japanese destroyer
    so that makes up for it

  25. I say we play 10 Tier 1’s versus the Iowa.

  26. That ship seems sooooooo cool!

  27. 2 views, woot woot I must be early :D

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