NEW PREMIUMS! – What’s Up With Warships?

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Project Valor extended to Europe November 9th –

US Split Details:


World of Warships: French Battleships Bretagne, Normandie and Richelieu


Super Test

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  1. First!!

    Nice to get these again Earl!

  2. better be Jingles your going to talk too

  3. Wait for the Dutch line.

  4. Great video!

    Last one checked the Salem will be a tier 9 Premium.

    Further more it is beloved the Dallas (being a paper ship) will be an Omaha with a better Gun layout,
    Though that is just a theory that is based on actual paper designs that could work at tier 6

    • Nope, Salem will be t10

    • mybugatti100 So Salem will be Clan or event reward? ( If they follow WoT policy. In WoT, the only way you can get tier 10 Prem is through event or Clan War reward)

    • Chances are she’s going to be the reward for hitting Rank 1 in seven separate ranked seasons. If they keep the trend set by the Flint (3 Rank 1s) and Black (5 Rank 1s), there would need to be another reward ship introduced for the next season.

  5. Aww.. I really hoped the USS Alaska would be on the new line

    • Seeing as WG dislikes mixing up calibers within a line, the chances of a 305mm CB topping a CL tree of 150mm armed ships was nil from the start, tbh. The only chance Alaska will ever have of making it into the game as a silver ship is as an alternative top tier choice of the CA line, next to Des Moines.

    • Nope. Pretty much Alaska will be a BB. Her main gun is 305mm, so she will be a Battleship in WoWS. ( Just look at Sharnhorst, her gun is event smaller than Alaska, yet she’s a BB ingame) 😉

    • Mammoth Mk3 Scharnhorst actually has armor to backup those smaller guns, alaska only protects against 203mm shells as she was designed for

    • Timber_Wulf True, but her gun is just too big to be a Cruiser anyway. Just imagine everybody scream “overpowered” when she’s a cruiser ingame. ( Graf Speee at least get away with it since her gun is 20s reload and she only have 6 of them) 😉

      So assuming WG make her a Cruiser ingame, most likely her gun will be nerf. ( Reload time is the most likely target)

  6. Still annoyed it is the Helena and not the St Louis, which was the lead ship that Wargamming follows. Yea, I know there are 2 others, but I am a native of St Louis, Missouri so that’s why.

    • General Cartman Lee

      They had the same problem with the German cruisers. There were three Königsberg classes, two of which are in the game. To not confuse players they used the Karlsruhe as tier 4 ship instead. The funny thing is that this is the only ship name that is not used by another ship of a different class in the game. The four ships of the 1915 Königsberg class were Königsberg, Karlsruhe, Emden and Nürnberg.

    • General Cartman Lee Emden was her own seperate class of ship, she was not a part of the Konigsberg class and would’ve looked like a German Leander Class

    • General Cartman Lee

      I was talking about the SMS Emden of the 1915 / 1916 Königsberg class:
      You are talking about the 1921 Emden:

      Best example how confusing the recycling of ship names is. 😉

  7. The more of these you pump out recently, the more I start realising how much I missed them while they were gone haha. Good one, looking forward to the US cruisers re-do.

  8. Oh boy! I never thought that this day would come, you’r back! I don’t know what happen but I’m glad nevertheless 🙂

  9. Hopefully they make U.S.S. Salem is free exp or campaign based. As a Massachusetts person, I badly want her.

  10. I’m so glad you’re back. I like these short videos too. Quick and to the point.

  11. The Wargaming Game Centre is one of the most insidious programs I’ve ever seen. Download it, and it forces you to use it. As a result, not downloading World of Warplanes until they give us the option to use the original standalone installer again

  12. Wooo ! Finally the Roma ! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  13. good to see u back m8

  14. Wait, really? I won something?


    Thank you!

  15. Earl Greys News. So good to have you back!

  16. Hey Grey, really glad to have you back around m8! Really appreciate you and your videos

  17. Glad you’re back, lad.

  18. Finally the Roma! I hope they litter her deck with ashtrays.

  19. Grow the beard back.

  20. BIA World of Warships

    Hi Earl! 😛 Welcome back!

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