New Ranked meta for 10.4 | World of Warships

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Your_SAT_Score from O7 and OverLordBou from QQ7 discuss the upcoming ranked season and what ships to play.

0:00 News and Ranked season schedule
1:30 Choosing which League to stay in
3:32 The Meta in Bronze
6:20 The Meta in Silver
14:00 The Meta in Gold

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  1. Hello not sure if I said it right but you can get with 3 and 6 wins is 400 steel in bronze and 600 in silver you have to get 3 6 and 9 wins just wanted to correct if I said it wrong. If you have any questions def let us know

  2. I was going to just stay in Bronze when they said Silver was going to be 8-10, but now that it’s 8-9 I’m going to actually try to go into Silver

  3. no BLECH at the end of this video 🙁

  4. Still on my way to re-grind Pan-EU DD line,so I will stay in Silver too, just like 1st season .

  5. What is the most fun to Play Cruiser for new players the Petro or Nevsky ?

    • petro since is easier to sit bow in and the ap will pen alot easier with the improved angles

    • I wouldn’t call the petro sitting nose in fun (it definitely is strong).

      The nevsky is definitely more fun for me, especially in ranked were you can bully a flank with minimal support.
      Pushing 2 dds out of a cap, basically saying” what you gonna do I have hydro and radar and can melt you in 3 salvo”

  6. Jacobo Hernandez

    In my mind i add the Alaska and the Georgia to the top3 in silver and add Oiho to the top 3 in gold…

  7. Baltimore is better than buffalo, it have better front facing dpm and smaller frame, it’s far better when nose in.

    I’ll probably use scharnhorst, nagato, or one of the myoko for bronze (I’d use sinop if I had a good captain on it) fiji is nice aswell. Skane or the french one if I grind it in time.

    For silver
    BB: georgia, Izumo, soviet soyuz or pommern
    Cruiser: baltimore, donskoi, talinn, and super cruisers
    DD: friesland probably, I see the french one the zf6, the brit one, and the Kita be good contender aswell.

    BB: krem, thunderer/conkek, ohio, yamato/shiki
    Cruiser: supercruiser, nevsky, petro, maybe des moines
    DD: Småland, Kléber, Marceau, z52, darling, maybe harugumo for the memes.

  8. Steel is 800 in Bronze 1000 in Silver and 1200 in Gold

  9. i will stay in silver this season !!! To grind Bronze i will use Shiratsuyu and for Silver Kitakaze is my favorite pick !!! Nice Video by the way !!!

  10. Marco T Turturici

    im impressed you guys did not mention the kitakaze, ostergotland and the pommern as tier9.

    • the pommern wld be farmed alot and yeah we did forget the kitkat and ostergotland you are coret thansk for reminding us

  11. Haida pronounced, Hi-Da, not Hi-a-da. Just a proud Canadian passing along some info. Thanks for the vids.

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