NEW ROMA 9 KILLS | Regia Marina Battleship || World of Warships

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NEW ROMA 9 KILLS | Regia Marina Battleship || World of Warships


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  1. looks not very weak in this replay i have to say……….

    • Panzerknacker no one said it was weak, but in this game if a ship isnt op is automatically trested as weak

    • that’s true Inigo Pa
      and the good points about the Roma aren’t the guns, but the armor, stealth and maneuverbility, just use them to your advantage

    • No, the barrels on this Roma don’t look bent to me either. But I’ve seen other replay, with Roma shell landing everywhere except where they were aimed at

    • Je vidět že je to hodně o hráči né jenom o lodi oproti videu: First battle on the Roma

      It’s obvious that it’s a lot about the ship not just the first battle on the Roma video

    • Except for Roma’s inability to kill DD’s which cost the game.

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Italian railguns at its finest… Shells fly so fast – you’d be mistaken its from a cruiser, except its 38.1cm…

    • but they should still be suffered by overpens

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yeah – Nanchisan… Finally someone has noticed…
      All Cruisers have 2.0 sigma – making cruisers have consistent super-accurate salvoes… (maybe except US cruisers for their floaty n heavy shells.)

      Hindenberg sacrificed its HE and some Rate of Fire – for glorious AP and Flat arcs.
      Des Moines sacrificed its Flat arcs – for glorious Rate of Fire…
      Zao sacrificed its Rate of Fire – for glorious Flat Arcs, HE and AP…
      Meanwhile Russians – get Glorious, HE, AP, Flat arcs and Rate of Fire… 

      Because “Russian Cruisers got “literally everything, cause its Russian – Yuro”
      Russian Battleships… Will most likely utilise the same “Light n Fast Flat Arcs” (cause they get everything from the Italian designs) – yet retain the glorious dispersion of “Slow n Heavy High Arcs” – cause its Russian…

    • still, the Moskwa has a bad DPM, you should say more shelloutput per minute instead of rate of fire, because you must compare 9gun- and 12gun-ships

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Then again you can snipe cruiser from long range like a battleship… But I see your point…

    • the others can snipe cruisers from long range too, but not as easily (i did it in CW with a Hindenburg against a Moskwa from 16km away (flat broadside), and yes, citadels)

  3. interesting how Wargaming must be pushing community supporters to promote new premium ships

  4. Why tf did he ram?


    Здарова, поставил дизлайк за то что ты сдался в конце, ты блять не умеешь умирать как русские, достойно и с почестью, извини мое имхо!


    Сделай стрим и позови нас русских, мы тебе покажем мастер класс, а так то ты зачетно играешь, да кстати ты сейчас все через Google переведешь мой контекст, хотя смысла и умысла не поймешь что я хотел до тебя донести!

  7. Partida incrível… se ele tivesse smoke, jigava sozinho.

  8. Porco dio! GG! 😀

  9. Bippidy boppidy boopidy dippidy

  10. VERY HONORABLE !!!!!!!

  11. BEAST of a ship

  12. learn to shift zoom ffs!

  13. The salt at 18:00 is hilarous

  14. These is a key name SHIFT, use it!

  15. hell of a game!

  16. And the next “scroll-scroll-replay”. I wont watch it. Cant stand this anymore. Learn to use Shift…

  17. “whatever he hits, he destroys”

  18. Use SHIFT ffs…

  19. You get what you pay for, and some of these premium ships are pretty steep.

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