NEW Russian & German Cruisers! World of Warships New Ships

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  1. I want to see the kolberg German cruiser

  2. Nguyên Architaku

    About the Udaloi, the USN Mahan-class also has that kinda torpedo launchers

  3. can you play the koingsburg

  4. Königsberg was a Citiy in East Prussia Today its called Kaliningrad

  5. Baronvongamez there is a new user plane please fly it!!

  6. Lan Julij Zadravec

    How about you start from the bottom and go on from then so we can see how
    the ships improve over the tiers?

  7. play tier ten German cruiser and Russian destroyed

  8. play the hindenburg

  9. hindenberg

  10. Russian destroyers tier 10, German cruisers lower tiers

  11. tier one

  12. Tier X Russian destroyer

  13. The Tier 1 German cruiser derp

  14. German cruiser Königsberg and Soviet destroyer Derzki

  15. Baron, I believe the Mahan also has the torpedotubes arranged like the T8
    russian DD.

  16. Tashkent please and Roon.

  17. tripitz please

  18. Admiral Hipper ^^
    and for russian the Kiev

  19. Play the Admiral Hipper first pls

  20. Ehm, Mahan, ehm… She has the same arrangement of torpedoes

  21. Hermelin, Koenigsberg, Khabarovsk

  22. please could you play both 1st tier ships

  23. Admiral Hipper!

  24. Both tier 10s

  25. admiral hiper PLS

  26. Please play the Admiral Hipper and the Tier 5 destroyer Baron.

  27. I am from Karlsruhe

  28. Hindenburg and Udaloi

  29. Hey Baron, Great channel by the way Mate… I’d like to see the Admiral
    Hipper please….

  30. koningsberg please

  31. any but cool

  32. The Hermelin and the Tashkent

  33. Hey Baron! Plz i would like to see Nurnberg in action

  34. Both of the 2 lime up look kinda week.

  35. The Königsberg for the Kriegsmarine!!!!!

  36. Patrick Grænge Hansen 1f

    Baron you did only research the torps on the tier 9 dd but u did not mount

  37. can you play the Admiral Hipper?

  38. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Play the tier 6 german cruiser!

  39. As you get ships and how you got the tier X in so little time?

  40. Herman tier 3

  41. Kijów was/is a CV in real live… and why there isn’t Leningrad?

  42. How do you get an press account

  43. königsberg comes from königsburg which means something like king’s castle
    in german, it used to be the capital of east prussia up untill the end of
    world war 2 when the russians took it and renamed it kaliningrad. today it
    is the capital of the russian exclave of oblast-kaliningrad ;-)

  44. François Foucquart

    Admiral Hipper

  45. Tier 6 German cruiser

  46. I have been extremely hyped for the german cruisers because i thought the
    Scharnhorst og the genaisenau would be there, but non of them were. Thea
    were classified as battlecruisers. AS the Scharnhorst played an important
    role om ww2 deos that mean that it probably is going to be implumented as a
    battleship? Sorry for bad english :D

  47. The detecteability of the russians is terrible

  48. Bartul Javorčić

    Kiev or stalin send you to gulag

  49. Konigsberg – King’s castel

  50. Tier 5 German

  51. 1. Nurnberg
    2. Hinbembyrg
    3. Admiral Hipper

  52. Lukas A. Skjoldvær

    kongsberg tier V

  53. Dariusz G (SethZero)

    Hi Baron! 2×2 Torpedus on Karlsruhe means that he has 1 launcher per side
    with 2 tubes.
    Anyway excelent video. Keep up!

  54. hidenburg and kijev

  55. play a bunch of them:( Admiral Hipper, Hindenburg, Khabarovsk, Kiev etc…

  56. The tier VI Nurnberg!

  57. I am not particulary interested in the tiers 1-4. Can you start from tier 5

  58. Show us please some trolling in Derpzki (tier 2 russian DD)

  59. Roon, and Tier Ten Russ DD.

  60. I would like to see the Admiral Hipper

  61. would like to see the Russian Tier 3 Destroyer – Der(p)zki :D

  62. Play both the Russian destroyers and the German cruisers from tier one to
    tier ten as you’d unlock them in game :)

  63. The 105 MM were more of a long range large AA battery, and a somewhat close
    range secondary role, thus the weird look.

  64. Nurnberg plz, I’d like to see how it compares to Clev.

  65. i’d like to see the königsberg

  66. Daniel Jakubčík

    show us the ones we can take to ranked battles

  67. Konigsberg means Kings Mountian.


  69. I like how You and Phill Daily get these toys first. And by the way I like
    tier 9 and 10 but they are total made up Fantasy ships designed by
    Wargaming 3D artists, and not in anyway historical from Germany in any era.
    I don’t mind this other than them being passed off as being real designs.

  70. Sternenruferin Patchouli

    german cruisers

  71. nurnberg and udaloi

  72. Admiral hipper please

  73. The Admiral Hipper for DUITSLAND!!!

  74. EF2000Typhoon7LWA

    Admiral Hipper! Cause i loved the Prinz Eugen

  75. Karlsruhe is ma hometown!! PRIIIDE

  76. Tier 5 of both as so far in the other nations they have been very telling
    of how the class plays

  77. The Hindenburg

  78. The tier 6 Russland destroyer

  79. so when are they going to add a properly anti-aliasing? the game look

  80. admiral hipper

  81. Tier one up!!

  82. derpski

  83. In Bulgaria we have one Derzki class ship in a museum. It’s from the
    Russian/Osmanian empire war

  84. Play the tier V Soviet destroyer , want to see whats the difference with
    the Grem


  86. koningsberg

  87. Rasmus Arvid Pedersen


  88. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  89. derzki

  90. Nikolas Kollböck

    Admiral Hipper!!

  91. Admiral Hipper! :)

  92. As you said König means King. And Berg means Mountain or Hill. And I’d like
    to see the hermelin

  93. both tier 5s

  94. Rolf Egil Sølvik

    Hermelin and KIEV

  95. Königsberg

  96. Damn, the German cruisers have shitty gun range until tier V.

  97. Jochem Sturkenboom

    Look at the ranges on the German cruisers!

  98. silly question: are they all premium ships?

  99. please start with tier X German cruiser

  100. Kiev

  101. 19:19 Tashkent gets one rank promotion

  102. Daring Derping Destroying Derzki

  103. Kiev and Nürnberg

  104. derzki pls

  105. Koingsburg is how you say the königsburg (correct me if i’m wrong) and the
    king tiger is actually a misspelled königstiger wich mean bengal tiger

  106. dresden


  108. Admiral Hipper for me please!

  109. No konigsberg gameplay every youtuber showing off the top tier ships even
    though konigsberg is probably the most interesting and its got 16.5km in
    tier 5!

  110. Admiral hipper class German heavy cruiser :D

  111. Some of the secondary armaments are also part of the AA defense

  112. Konigsberg

  113. wht i would like to see more than anything if possible is u and the power
    house guys do a training room mwtch against each other the warspite against
    tier 6 german cruiser

  114. Nice looking ships. It would be great if you played the first ships we will
    all play, the Orlan and the Hermelin

  115. Admiral Hipper & compare it to its US and Jap tier counterparts

  116. Hiddenburg please

  117. Admiral Hipper

  118. please play the Konigsberg

  119. please do Admiral Hipper class and tashkent

  120. Play Derpsky DD first or GULAG!

  121. Where the hell is the Graf Spee!!!??? The deutschland class cruiser is the
    THE most iconic German cruiser, when you think of German cruiser you think
    either the Scharnhorst, or Graf Spee, and while they have the Scharnhorst,
    they don’t have the Graf Spee, I’ve waited 5 months for German cruisers,
    and the only ship I wanted other than the Bismarck isn’t here? FUCK YOU
    WARGAMING! those 11 inch guns were going to be fantastic, I mean imagine as
    a cruiser how that would play, it would be a fun new approach, with the
    guns of a battleship but the size and speed of a cruiser. And yet it’s not
    here. I have given up hope for Wargaming.

  122. I vote for the Sampson.

  123. derzki

  124. hacked account?

  125. Admiral Hipper

    Admiral Graf Spee please baron ;)

  126. Konigsberg please.

  127. I hope to see the Nurnberg and then the Kiev/Takhsent (sp) in a video.
    Thanks for the video.

  128. i wonder if graff spee will be in this game..what class she will be?

  129. Whats the rate of fire on the Tier 10!

  130. Baron those torps are not the fastest in the game. Zao has faster ones

  131. The Tier I German Boat! It may look like a Yacht with guns But I love
    German Boats!

  132. Admiral Hipper and Tashkent!! Lets see the Prinz Eugen ja?

  133. Admrial Hipper

  134. From a “for the laughs” perspective, the Russian DDs seem to be fun. From a
    leveling and gaining xp perspective, the Russian line will be by far the

  135. I want to see the Admiral Hipper first. I want to see the upgraded version
    of the hull too.

  136. Hipper and gnevny

  137. the terpitz is a battle cruiser

  138. This game is not historically accurate. The Kriegesmarine NEVER completed a
    cruiser called the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg was to be a battleship that
    would replace the Bismarck and Tirpitz. And while the German Empire built a
    battlecruiser named Hindenburg, the game’s ship is not THAT ship.

  139. admiral hipper

  140. Paulo Buenaventura

    Nice one Baron! been waiting for you guys (Phly and you) to upload the new
    tech trees. Thanks a lot!

  141. adm hipper and the kiev

  142. pls do Tier 5 german cruiser.

  143. Königstiger means Bengal tiger

  144. Also I vote to watch you play the konigaberg, my favorite axis cruiser ever

  145. Congrats baron! You have more subs than entak! I remember back then when he
    dwarfed u by 50000, now it’s quite the opposite..and keep going war
    thunderers, we shall give baron his well deserved golden YouTube play

  146. The Admiral Hipper and the Tier 10 russian destroyer

  147. Das Hindenburg

  148. Admiral hipper plz :D

  149. Admiral Hipper

  150. I don’t care what destroyers and cruisers go first I just want to see all

  151. Zion “Fino” Laster

    Konigsberg was an East Prussian city. And capital city of the Kingdom of

  152. Admiral Hipper Please

  153. yorck

  154. I’d like to see the tier 6 to see how it compares to the Cleveland

  155. John “Hammer” Box

    I think the tier 1 hermelin would be good since its so weird looking


  157. konigsburg

  158. The York and the tier 7 DD please Baron.

  159. That Baron von Stream was legendary in the Derpski! I’d really love to see
    you, Slick and Phly take em out in a squad and go off like a frog in a sock
    in em! Torpedus Hype!

  160. Nuremberg please?

  161. can anyone help me? I have the game but the Germans don’t have a tab and I
    have no Russian ships? please help.

  162. hindenburg

  163. Baron why don’t you show the modules? Give us the full tour.

  164. udaloi

  165. Also Baron I got into a Match where there was a Kiev on the enemy team and
    I was in a Pepsi-Cola got citadel :/

  166. +BaronVonGamez I want the Admiral Hipper-class Crusier and the Khabarovsk,
    next plz.

  167. Uh oh i’m so disappointed with the german cruiser tree.. In the other hand
    the Russian tree looks really fun to play,
    please bring the Derzki.

  168. The lower Tier ships are looking really great, I don’t like all that
    fantasy stuff at 7, 9 and 10 though. Also the secondaries and aa on those
    is pretty outdated and not what was actually available and used at the

  169. Not sure about which German ship I’d like to see, but I’m real interested
    to see what you can do in the Khabarovsk.

  170. baron sail the nerbafauzoig

  171. Hipper and Derzki

  172. kool as always but those rocket torps umm yer very dangerous at close range
    fighting an for first ship i thin the german koingsberg and um the soviets
    the one that has those rocket torps

  173. Barron do you know when world of war ships come out on ps4

  174. The Russian Destroyers seem way more interesting from a gameplay
    perspective then the German cruisers.

  175. baron high tier Russian destroyers have 5 shot torpedo launchers 2 on top
    of 3 tubes

  176. Hindenburg and Khabarovsk

  177. I would like to see the Admiral Hipper Class cruiser.

  178. WarfighteR Channel

    How do you play with that ships Baron??

  179. tirpitz

  180. hijms yamato musashi

    Hindenburg first

  181. Tier 1 both Destroyer and Cruiser

  182. Сергей Кондратьев

    Russian destroyers
    1 Orlan (Орлан) – Sea eagle
    2 Storozhevoi (Сторожевой) – Guardian/ Watchdog
    3 Derzki (Дерзкий) – Daring
    4 Aurora (Аврора) – Aurora
    5 Izyaslav (Изяслав) – Old, very old traditional name from medival times
    from words take and glory
    6 Gnevny (Гневный) – Wrathful
    7 Murmansk (Мурманск) – City in north of Russia
    8 Ognevoi (Огневой) – Firing (hard to translate, the closer meaning 🙁 )
    9 Kiev (Киев) – Kiev Capital of Ukraine
    10 Tashkent (Ташкент) – Capital of Uzbekistan
    11 Udaloi (Удалой) – Old variant of bravery, some kind of daring, man who
    need an danger adventure
    12 Khabarovsk (Хабаровск) – City in the far east of Russia
    Sorry, can be mistakes, but i ve tried

  183. I’d like to see Dresden and Derzki personally. I’m all about the First
    World War and earlier stuff.

  184. I’d like to see the Hindenburg.

    It is the top of the line so I’d like to see how it can hold up in an epic
    top tier battle. Start out the request series with a bang, right? I have my
    doubts about how well it can do since a CA like the Des Moines can pump out
    a net 50% more shells per minute and has more armor etc. I’m just skeptical
    about how well the German cruisers will play, although I’d like to be
    pleasantly surprised since I was looking forward to this line.

  185. the AA on the German ships in WW2 sucked yes, but if you look closely at
    the AA states for the ships, they tend to have some long range flak guns, i
    saw some 105mm flak guns on those ships, so they have some long range flak
    on them.

  186. Hindenburg

  187. Play the Tier 1 German Cruiser!

  188. Ty for this timely update! Looking forward to a demo : )

  189. What German Cruiser do you wanna see? What Russian DD do you wanna see

  190. Just do all of the tiers, 1-10

  191. Hipper ‘n derpski

  192. hello baron, I wonder if the two nations will be free or will be paid?
    grateful now. (sorry for my horrible english)

  193. Darryn Roopnarine

    BTW the tier 7 destroyer Mahan has a torp arrangement similar to the

  194. Hermelin=German ship blown up in Red Tails

  195. Kerspaprog Balceram

    i vote for the Konigsberg

  196. Kerspaprog Balceram

    screen goes black near the end of the video, is this just me?

  197. Everyone can check out all the ships currently included in the game using
    the a mod called “TheSeeker’s Extended Tech Tree” which makes every vessel
    visible in the tech tree

  198. Any German cruiser is fine by me

  199. tier 10 russian destroyer

  200. Darryn Roopnarine

    Let’s see the Derzki then :D

  201. Hindenburg

  202. Hindenburg pls!

  203. Kendall Wirnsberger

    German line

  204. christina stellato

    Just noticed the ship Hindenburg was named after a airship disaster that
    happened in 1937 lol

  205. great videos! just curious what part of pa are you from?

  206. for german cruisers, start with tier 1 and play them all in order!

  207. Hindenburg

  208. I want to see the admiral hipper class first.

  209. Sorry for the mistages i’m an german guy so In can’t write english very

  210. German cruiser=Admiral Hipper, Russian destroyer=Khabarovsk.

  211. I’m a german guy and i have to say that your german is realy realy bad.
    Most of the Schips are named like big german Citys for example Hameln is an
    City in lower Sachsony and the other ships are called like famous german
    Generals for example the Hindenburg.

  212. Martin Jernsletten

    The admiral hippier looks like the warspite

  213. admiral hipper

  214. I would like to see you play the tier 6 Nurnberg and could u tell us the xp
    needed to get each ship getting to tier 5 cause tier 5 is when German
    cruisers get good!

  215. H&Ks until the end of days!

    I vote for which ever ones (cruiser & destroyer) have the best TORPEEDUSS!

  216. baron, u missed reload speed on all deutsch ships. That’s important when
    comparing the Hindenburg to the das monies and the jap tier 10 cruiser.

  217. The rudder shift times on the Russian DDs worry me…

    6 seconds? on a tier 9?

  218. admiral hipper

  219. Iowegian Immigrant

    When your tier 1 cruiser has more AA than your tier 5 cruiser


    When your tier 1 cruiser has more AA than your tier 6 cruiser.

  220. what about ALL THE SHIPS?!

  221. use the ship u used on the stream yesterday that was really fast and u were
    using torpedos and it was pretty good I don’t know any by name do..

  222. I never heard of a German WW2 cruiser with twelve 203mm guns, not even of a
    paper design. When I heard “the Hindenburg” would be the tier 10 cruiser, I
    assumed they meant the WW1 Battlecruiser with eight 300mm guns and assumed
    they would go with “big and battleship-like” as the style for the German
    cruiser line.

  223. Judging from the Superstructure the Konigsberg, Yorck and Roon were
    designed around the same time as the Deutschland in the mid to late 1920s.
    Yorck looks like Germany’s attempt to built a 10,000 ton Washington Treaty
    Cruiser in the 1920s but I don’t know why
    but they decided to built the Deutschland instead.
    Maybe because Yorck’s guns of 21cm violated Treaty limits of 20,3 cm or
    Germany was bullied by the Versailles Treaty to
    use the 10,000 tons to built slow coastal defense battleships and 6,000
    tons for cruisers only.

  224. Gimme gimme also FIRST

  225. start with the low tier ships so you can show people how to use the new
    ships the right way but thats what i think you should do

  226. What! The Hindenburg was a blimp not a battleships!

  227. The Master of Total War


  228. derzki

  229. MegaAwesomeSauce99

    Man i am here early

  230. play them all

  231. I haven’t watch your videos in a long time

  232. Hindenburg

  233. What the fuck is it with Youtube and its subscription system?
    I swore I subbed to you months ago.

  234. Admiral Hipper

  235. hipper

  236. is there no bismark?

  237. I’d like to see the Yorck first, 21cm cannons on that thing.

  238. that peppy Irish guy

    Nurnberg plz

  239. first destroyer and first cruiser

  240. A guy who Likes tanks

    Admiral Hipper please

  241. Fourth

  242. Admiral Hipper, Absolutely!!!

  243. I would like to see the German cruiser Admiral hipper and the t8 Russian

  244. third

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