New Ships 0.10.5 – World of Warships Devblog #152

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Two new ships have been announced for World of Warships, coming to the super test for update 0.10.5. These ships will be the European tier 10 Destroyer Ragnar, and the British tier 6 battlecruiser (classed as a battleship in-game) Repulse.

In this video I run through the statements made for each ship by Wargaming, as well as run through the stats of each ship, to better understand how they’ll play.

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World of Warships is a naval based fighting free to play mmorpg where you can unlock various ships. You can choose from cruisers, carriers, destroyer, battleships and soon to be submarines. The game features many different battle types: co-op for the more relaxed players; random for 12 vs 12 battles; scenario missions to play through various missions; clan battles and brawls if you like fighting alongside friends as well as the numerous events that take place throughout the year, such as King of the Sea tournament and ranked & ranked sprint battles.

If you want to play then head over to this site:

0:00 Intro
2:23 Ragnar
8:33 Repulse


  1. After 6 years
    Repulse is finally coming

    Will she be worth it though?

    • Oh that’s a good idea, and it means there could still be an option to get a decent mid tier ship. With the mapleleaf camo it looks really pretty imo

    • @WholeOfEngland With a super heal, Monarch’s relatively protected citadel and Hood’s unreliably reliable guns, it should be quite a strong combination. All depends on the price though as I’ve got my eyes on Agincourt, Repulse and Ise for the time being and they will take precedence over a customised KGV.

    • Definitely, out of all of them, the one I’m 100% getting is Agincourt, as it looks to be amazing, with those secondaries, it’s going to be great to brawl in. Repulse also looks really fun with a much different playstyle, so that’ll certainly be an interesting ship to own too 🙂

    • @Will Jolliff I HEARD THAT!

    • @HMS Hood then you should know exactly what I mean 😁

  2. I. Am. Stoked.

    First Agincourt, now this, next up must be a line of RN battlecruisers. Oh, we can hope…

  3. Good content as always you’re just that hidden gem of WOWS YouTubers I can only hope for the best of your channel

    • Hey thanks man, that’s really nice to hear 🙂 hopefully in the future the channel won’t be so hidden 😅 but regardless I enjoy making these videos, so growth will come when it’s ready ^^

  4. Just discovered this channel of yours, much love and subbed! Keep up the good work buddy

  5. Amadeo Komnenus

    Great video mate, very informative.

    • Ah yea that makes sense, just a way to get you to spend your resources and need to keep grinding. Once it comes out of testing then that should give you a good idea of what it’s like ^^

      As for coal/steel, have you got plymouth? That looks like a pretty great ship & is the one I’m saving for at the moment. Every time I see one they perform really well & reviews I’ve see have been pretty good too

    • Amadeo Komnenus

      @WholeOfEngland Yeah, she seems competitive. At the moment iv only 8k steel, waiting for the next season of ranked. I’m at 170k coal (I’ll get 10k more through the dockyard when i hit that stage and obviously more along the way). The reason I’m down is that i bought the Marco Polo and the Marceau at the same time, using all my resources. I wont let impatience get the better of me next time around lol. I’ll wait for the coupon and use coal for coal ships, steel for steel. Have you gone through the RB yet? What ship would you go for, if you haven’t already?

    • Ah yea, I did that before with Georgia I believe it was, or one of the ones that got removed (either way used steel for it). I’ve not got Marco polo as of yet, I’m sitting on around 100k coal, since I’ve not been as active the past month or so, however once I’ve got the coal for Marco polo, I’ll look at what’s around at the time and probably buy something on impulse 😅

      For rb, I’ve got around 25k tokens I believe, I’m thinking of getting either Siegfried or the new vampire 2, but as it stands there’s a lot of choice, so I’ll spend a while before I decide what to get, as it takes a while to get the points ^^

    • Amadeo Komnenus

      @WholeOfEngland I reckon you’d blitz the Siegfried or Vampire. I want the Vampire as its a bit of nostalgia for me being an Aussie. But jeepers, that grinding through the tech tree’s again, frig that for a joke! lol (I had research points but i used them for the legendary module for my Kharba)

    • Ah right, yea it is a shame they took away combat missions to get the legendary upgrades, as it adds a whole further level that people need to surpass to get an improvement, that previously was available for all once you’d completed the grind to tier 10 on a line.

      Vampire certainly looks like a great ship, but the choice between the two is going to be hard, might flip a coin 😅 once you’ve got points is that what you’ll be going for then?

  6. Nameless Entity

    Not even from the U.K. or her Dominions but, HMS Repulse is my favorite ship of war, of all time. Cannot recall, but it was either her or the ‘Forrest Sherman’ class USS John Paul Jones DD, that was the 1st model ship I built. I am still pissed, and forever will be at Winston and the Admiralty for sacrificing her and the Prince, for no good reason. I wish I could raise Mr. Churchill from the dead, just so I could take him to the woodshed! P.S. Is the HMS Minotaur ( a very aesthetically appealing vessel ) have auto-cannons?? That fire-rate is incredible.

    • Oh wow, that’d be great to see the model that you made. I’ve just had a look at some models of her, and they look really good! It is a shame that they were ordered there, against the advice of the admiralty.

      As for minotaur, yes it’s incredibly fast firing 😅 rather than going for the range upgrade, I opted for the reload, which adds a marginal increase, so that alongside AR really maximises the shell output, which makes for some rather unpleasant experiences to dds that get caught in the crossfire 😆

  7. Yes repulse is finally coming! I like seeing more of the historical ships being added unlike all these paper things they’ve been throwing at us!

    • Couldn’t agree more, I’m hoping it’s an armoury ship, as it’ll be nice to easily, get, however regardless of its attainment I’ll probably be picking it up 🙂

    • Yeah tier VI ships are not that difficult to obtain

  8. If she sell with coal, it’s worth
    Scene we know there no coal cruiser in tier 6

  9. Again the AA rating and continuous damage really laughing at our poor Des Moines… Wargaming with their wisdom selling solutions to every blunder they made… lol

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