New Ships German Battlecruisers Tech Tree World of Warships Wows News

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New Ships German Battlecruisers Tech Tree World of Warships Wows News Von der Tann, Moltke, Derfflinger, Mackensen, Prinz Heinrich, Zieten, Prinz Rupprecht and tier 10 Schlieffen.

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0:00 Tier III German Battlecruiser Von Der Tann
0:59 Tier IV Moltke
1:33 Tier V Derfflinger
2:05 Tier VI Mackensen
2:44 Tier VII Prinz Heinrich
3:13 Tier VIII Zieten
3:40 Tier IX Prinz Rupprecht
4:01 Tier X Schlieffen

Hello and welcome Wargaming have just announced a brand new line of German battlecruiser being added to the game. Starting Tiers III-V are based on the real ships of the Imperial German Navy that participated in World War I. SMS Von der Tann was the first battlecruiser built for the German Kaiserliche Marine, as well as Germany’s first major turbine-powered warship. At the time of her construction, Von der Tann was the fastest dreadnought-type warship afloat, capable of reaching speeds in excess of 27 knots. She was designed in response to the British Invincible class. SMS Moltke was the lead ship of the Moltke-class battlecruisers of the German Imperial Navy, named after the 19th-century German Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke. Commissioned on 30 September 1911, the ship was the second battlecruiser of the Imperial Navy. Moltke, along with her sister ship Goeben, was an enlarged version of the previous German battlecruiser design, Von der Tann, with increased armor protection and two more main guns in an additional turret. SMS Derfflinger was a battlecruiser of the German Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy) built in the early 1910s during the Anglo-German naval arms race. She was the lead ship of her class of three ships; her sister ships were Lützow and Hindenburg. The Derfflinger-class battlecruisers were larger and featured significant improvements over the previous German battlecruisers, carrying larger guns in a more efficient superfiring arrangement. Derfflinger was armed with a main battery of eight 12 inch guns.The battleship Mackensen was launched in 1917 but not completed. The Mackensen class was the last class of battlecruisers to be built by Germany in World War I. The design initially called for seven ships, but three of them were redesigned as the Ersatz Yorck class.
Of the four ships of the Mackensen class, Mackensen, Graf Spee, and Prinz Eitel Friedrich were launched. The design of the Mackensens was a much improved version of the previous Derfflinger class. The most significant improvement was a new, more powerful 14 inch gun, compared to the 12 inch gun of the earlier ships. The Mackensen-class ships also featured more powerful engines that gave the ships a higher top speed and a significantly greater cruising range. SMS Prinz Heinrich was a unique German armored cruiser built at the turn of the 20th century for the German Kaiserliche Marine, named after Kaiser Wilhelm II’s younger brother Prince Heinrich. In ww1 Prinz Heinrich was used for coastal defense in the North Sea and she participated in the fleet sortie that supported the Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby in December 1914. The Tier VII-X battleships are based on designs developed in the late 1910s, Tier VIII Zieten, Tier IX Prinz Rupprecht, Tier X Schlieffen
The concept of the alternative branch of German battleships rests on short-range combat due to their low concealment, decent secondaries, and small number of main battery guns with a low range of fire.
The ships are also armed with long-range torpedoes. This new branch of German battlecruisers is expected to go into supertest in late august early september and as more information becomes available about their ingame stats I’ll post a video with what we can expect to see from this new line which will be available to everyone being fully researchable like every other tech tree line in the game.



  1. Carbine Carlito

    Hello and welcome everyone, Wargaming have announced a brand new line of German battlecruisers due to enter supertesting in the next few months. These are based on real ships and while we dont have any ingame stats confirmed yet its going to be interesting to see more real ships added to the game. I hope you all enjoy the short look at the upcoming line and some brief history of the ships involved. Let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      2:45 That Prinz Heinrich is not the one in-game. This ships seems to be(just a guess) a modernised Ersatz Yorck class battlecruiser, exactly like how Bayern B hull is a rebuilt Bayern like the rebuilt Queen Elizabeths, both rebuilds are most similar with Warspite.
      The Tier 8-10 seems to be(again just a guess) modernised versions of GK 4531, GK 4541 and GK 5041 respectively. If you think the Tier 8 is the stupidest looking thing the German Navy could build, you are correct

  2. I’m honestly confused with what they mean with short-range because it’s isn’t like the current german BBs are long-range

  3. J. The Happy Wyvern

    Hey Carbine just a little correction for you here. The info you gave for the Heinrich was for an armored cruiser that actually existed, not for the battle cruiser in this line.

  4. God, that Zieten is ugly as sin. It looks like a modern guided missile cruiser and a dreadnought had very hateful relations with one another.

  5. until tier 7 i was like “awesome”, then tier 8 appeared and now im confused

  6. Level 98 Bear Hunting Armor

    I’ll be taking Tier III through VI please, and man that tier VIII sticks out like an exceptionally sore thumb

  7. I note that the real ships still carry the booms for the anti-torpedo netting. I wish the nets worked in the game.

  8. No doubt the WG art dept is currently working overtime to sketch the Soviet Battlecruiser line on the back of vintage envelopes and cigarette packets so they have some historical ‘plans’ to work from for the next OP line. Wonder if they have to smuggle them into the Naval archives or if they just pretend they found them there 🙂

    • Even when WG anounce most desired lines every one starts joking like idiot with rusian bias. Yes, rusian BB split will come in next 2 years. But germans will have now as many lines as US/USSR so why complain?

    • @Andrj Molotov because we want REAL ships.. Not one’s dreamt up but never built.

  9. i just want my Siegfried to have its secondaries back. and hopefully a line similar, but these look stupid af.

  10. I’m just happy we are gonna get a Derfflinger

  11. “how many cruiser types can we fit in a navy”
    – basically the germans

  12. “go into super test” you mean nerfing stages, let’s be honest if it’s not a premium and it’s german. they gonna nerf to hell lol

  13. It’s a Graf Spee line with better secondaries.

    They want close combat when they make the meta long ranged. Gj WG

  14. I was initially super excited that Von der Tann, Moltke and Derfflinger were being added. This lasted about 3.7 seconds until I remembered the misery that is dual t4 CV matchmaking and any temptation to reinstall the game when they’re released instantly disappeared.

  15. Finally something that excites me a lot!

  16. As expected, I applaud the addition of the historical, battle hardened WW1 Battlecruisers. The higher tier ones will just be HE damage piñatas, I am afraid

  17. PickelJars ForHillary

    Zieten is what happens when a Graf Spee goes on an eating binge.

  18. Christopher Jonasson

    Tier 8 looks like a target ship

  19. Shame we miss out on Seydlitz. She may be a premium though.

  20. And the new German gimmick is gonna be calling in a V2 rocket strike, that will one shot everything in the game…..

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