New Ships Italian Destroyers Leone World of Warships Wows Review Guide

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New ships Italian Navy Destroyer Leone World of Warships Wows Review Guide Regia Marina DDs featuring high quality replay gameplay highlights.

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0:00 Italian Destroyer Leone intro & Giveaway News
1:48 Italian DD Leone Captain Skills & Modules
2:15 Italian destroyer Leone gameplay review guide
10:15 Ship Summary Finale and Score Screens

The Leone is the brand new tier 6 premium Italian destroyer added to World of Warships and is based on the Leone class were a group of destroyers built for the Italian Navy in the early 1920s. The full Recommended Captain Skills: Preventive Maintenance, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Concealment Expert, Main Battery AA Specialist, Adrenaline Rush and Fill the Tubes. Upgrades: Main Armaments Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1 and Propulsion Mod 1. Five ships were planned and three completed. The Leone-class scout destroyers were ordered by the Italian Navy back in the days of World War I. Their construction, however, commenced only in the 1920s under an altered project. Ships designated as “light scouts” were equipped with larger-caliber guns and carried two torpedo launchers. It was assumed that the new ships would incorporate the experience of naval warfare in the Adriatic Sea gained during World War I. The Italian scouts were of an impressive size, had good speed, and were equipped with a well-balanced set of armaments. In the early 1930s, the 450 mm triple torpedo tubes were replaced with 533 mm twin tubes, and in 1938, the ships were reclassified as destroyers. By the outbreak of the Italo-Ethiopian War, all three ships of the series—Leone, the lead ship, plus Pantera and Tigre—were deployed on colonial service in the Red Sea. When the Kingdom of Italy entered World War II, the fleet was cut off from the Italian Navy’s main forces in the Mediterranean. In October 1940, acting jointly with other destroyers, Leone carried out an attack on a British convoy and managed to damage a transport ship. However, even though the ships of this class did serve their purpose proficiently, being well-suited to swift night encounters with their enemy counterparts, the long time span between their design stage and commissioning—in 1917 and 1924, respectively—left its mark on their combat efficiency. In April 1941, Leone ran aground and was sunk, but has scrupulously been brought back to life in World of Warships. The ship comes equipped with long-range, fast-reloading torpedoes, and has an arcing shell trajectory that’s perfect for spitting fire from behind the safety of cover. VI Leone can boast of having access to a Smoke Generator consumable with long smokescreen setting and dispersion times.



  1. Looks a fun ship
    IGN: LittleJim64_sniper
    Server: EU

  2. IGN: Gunmetal_Cutlass
    Server: NA

    Just a good, old-fashioned DD, looks like a joy to play.

  3. IGN: Jeston_Sun
    Server: NA

    Leone has been in Testing for almost 2 years!!

  4. IGN: asianpaine
    Server: NA
    SAP would’ve been nice. Tbh this dd seems like an anshan but a lil better

  5. IGN: Tyrants_Bane
    Server: NA

    Always enjoy your content.

  6. IGN: Bankrockstar
    Server: NA

    Looks like a fun ship!

  7. IGN: Jackypie
    Server: NA

    I love long range italian sea mines, the amount of time’s I’ve launched them in a random direction and gotten kills minutes later is higher than you’d expect.

  8. This guys voice is very calming kinda like bob ross
    Ign: z_boss
    Eu server

  9. Hello and welcome everyone, todays video features the brand new Italian tier 6 destroyer in World of Warships. This video features a giveaway including full build and review guide of this new ship. I hope you all enjoy the video and that it provides you some useful information on the Leone. Let me know what you think in the comments and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  10. IGN: Rjohn
    Server: EU

    This ship looks like great fun, but after years of balancing, that should be haha.

  11. Carbine sounds like a cricket commentator.. calling a game at Lords

  12. IGN: LouVeloso
    Server: Asia

    She seems to be a decent captain trainer.

  13. IGN: Housebrot
    Server: EU

    Looks like a really interesting destroyer and quite different from Paolo.

  14. IGN: SofaKingA
    Server: NA

    I’ve wanted to get back into lower tiers this ship could be the ticket. Nice review.

  15. IGN: AldoRiono
    Server: EU

    It’s good to see some more spaghetti ships!

  16. Player Name: MoreSaltByDefault
    Server: North America

  17. IGN: AntonDietrich
    Server: NA
    Looks like a great addition to my port. O7

  18. I am very hesitant to give WG any money because that company is run by morons.

    But I like this ship. Probably buying it tonight

  19. IGN: Electro7242
    Server: EU
    Looks like a fun little destroyer

  20. IGN: Bobsen
    Server: EU
    Hey its free, and thats ok in my book.

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