New Ships! (World of Warships Development Blog #65)

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Wargaming announces a series of new ships that are expected to enter testing in 0.9.9.

World of Warships Development Blog #65:

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  1. Unless they get reload at 30 sec or less don’t bother with US split

    • Twelve 406mm rifles at tiers VIII and IX is pretty strong, so I can see why the reload needs to be moderated. In the few matches where I have been in battles with these ships, they quite consistently wrecked opponents. Positioning, target selection and aiming will be crucial to their success, so I expect we’ll see a pronounced skill gap among battleship players.

  2. Interesting stuff! Thx

  3. Been playing for about 18 months started with the Brit cruisers so yeah those do stir interest. Thanks for the info!

  4. I really hope the German DD is worth it… love the line, but need help 🙂

  5. Ah… I was so happy to see a German Tier 9 DD but then I read that it wouldn’t have hydro… That makes me sad. Trademark of German ships. Wow. I’m not so happy about it anymore. 🙁

  6. Hello I’m from India and your pronounciation of Mysore is on point. Nice video, thanks 🙂

  7. Funny they say its like a Fiji, wouldnt it be more like a Southhampton or Swiftsure with the 3×3 mounts

  8. Hope the New Japanese BB is good 🙂 as for the USN split if they get the reload down to 35 second I’ll be happy and they buff the tier 8 s armor

  9. more bs fake ships while TONS of historical ships still not in game. pathetic.

    • Funny, Strasbourg was very much a real ship, they also announced Oklahoma at Tier 5 not long ago.

    • @SmokinColt ok you got me on 2 ships, what about the dozens of other fake ships they keep pumping into the game?

    • @motaz1975 WoWS is exactly that, a game. If we stuck with historical numbers and bases it would be rather boring yeah? Sure, still plenty of real ships they could add, plenty I would love to see, but are we really going to cry about paper ships? Honestly, as long as they are balanced, there shouldn’t be an issue, they bring more variety and some still have historical background, such as the Florida, which is based on the first draft design for the North Carolina class. Complaining about paper ships is pointless, theyve been in the game since day one and will continue to be added since eventually you are going to run out of real ships to add. Your argument isn’t wrong, but it won’t stop WeeGee from adding more fake ships, especially Russian ones if you know what I mean.

    • @SmokinColt i hear you. i just cry at night wondering when they will add the british R class bbs and the battlecruisers renown or repulse.

    • @motaz1975 Agreed, it’s a crime at this point to not have included Renown and Repulse as a tier 5/6 premium BB, or the R class, which could make for an interesting split in the British BB line at tier 5 or 6. Personally, I’m waiting for the British and German battlecruisers of WW1, they would be interesting ships at low tier.

  10. Interesting.

    Spot on about the German DD. Plymouth looks promising.

  11. nicholas harshbarger

    Still no Italian BBs. Come on WG!!!!!! 🙁

    • From what I understand, the issue with the Italian battleships is that their original implementation with SAP (instead of HE) and the Exhaust Smoke Generator simply made them too strong. The SAP in particular would just wreck all non-battleships regardless of angling, and even battleships fared poorly against SAP. I think WG is having to rethink the approach. I have only a couple of anecdotal sources from which to draw this information, nothing from WG directly.

  12. they have to make more and more fake ships to make the russian ships look genuine

  13. Looks like they’re Pommerning out the Yamato.

  14. I’m totally excited for the Hizen. However, I’m absolutely pissed at what Wargaming is doing with the sigma values on the USN split. They’re already slow, and extremely sluggish as it is.

    • Yeah, I’m of mixed opinions about the sigma for the Kansas. The sigma for the Vermont was buffed and should make her shots more reliable. The Kansas, however, might be a little bit of a struggle bus. I’m holding judgment until I get to play her myself.

  15. Bro I just found out your channel because of this video being recommended to me. You’ve earned yourself another subscriber in me! I love the way you articulate your thoughts on these ships as well as your ability to leave your videos open to discussion in to your viewers. Keep it up and good work!

  16. 94k more free xp and I get me the Agir!!!

  17. Rule Britannia 😉

  18. Love these vids , saves me reading the dev blog 😀

    • Glad you like the videos! Sometimes I’m not sure how useful they are since watching some of these videos take more time than just reading the articles, LOL.

  19. When will Wargaming go for the IJN ‘Number 13-class battleship’ at Tier 9 (Maybe)
    Its a SuperSize Nagato with eight twin 457mm guns inestead of eight 410mm gun, as planned
    that I will like alot

  20. If it necessary I will pay with Gold Ingots for Strasbourg!!! I’m waiting her forever! My Grand Father served on her as range finder officer!

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