NEW Soviet (Battle)Cruiser Kronstadt || World of Warships

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  1. Moskva Guns without a Radar on tier 9 – Hit points – 82300 LOL ^^

  2. First but … what the hell happened with the Stalingrad ???They decided not to release it ???

    • Thanks for the link though the T8 Caracas and T9 Orinoco look really out of place.
      Orinoco has six 152 mm guns at T9. . . are you serious?

    • tamenga88
      Well, i am sure that thoses are the Minoutaur rapid autoloading 152mm rifles with High Explosive Shells if i remember correctly…

    • tamenga88
      The full spain techtree (BB, CA/CL and DD) was made together with a friend. I’m trying to get more infos when i visit spain in a month.

    • I’ve seen a Spanish cruiser line idea a few weeks ago and those ships are a mish mash of vessels designed by different countries. A Frankenstein tree consisting of vessels designed by multiple nations.
      Canarias by itself is a good example. The hull and main armament is made in Britain but the superstructure looks Italian.

      Good luck with the “national flavor”.

      A Tier 10 Spanish BB has got to be 100% fiction.
      Only 4 nations were historically, financially and industrially capable of constructing a Tier 10 capital ship and after 1930 Britain dropped out of that elite group since it financially fell on hard times and was hesitant to order ships as heavy as an Iowa let alone a Yamato.
      France and Italy played “follow up” and both gawked at the costs of a 50,000 ton vessel.
      Italian naval brass shrieked at the costs of UP-41 and France rejected the No.3 design of Alsace for being too big (No.3 design is in WoW).

      But then again Austria-Hungary will get a Tier 10 BB so why not Spain. .
      What are they going to name Spanish Tier 10 BB. “Santísima Trinidad”?

    • tamenga88
      Santisima trinidad was my firt choose. But all spanish bbs (and some projects) are named after kings, queens and some other persons. So i would rather choose Isabela la catolica

  3. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Heavy Cruiser my ass – this thing is a full fledged Battlecruiser… along with Stalingrad…
    Where Dufuq is Alaska and Ishikari when you need em… edit* It would probably be smartter to place Both Ishikari and Alaska at T9 to rival Kronstadt. Plus Alaska could rival Graf Spee in T7 – like she was historically built for…

    • Also Project 24 Bis was required to shoot a 457 mm 1720 kg bullet 52 km away.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      AH fuck… what do i expect – i should have seen it coming 52km!!!!!… Not even German 50.8cm 52cal or even Super Yamato’s 51cm 45cal guns could even come close…

      Hell even Germany’s 53cm 52 cal experimental gun – could only achieve a max range of 47.5km at a most optimal elevation of 45 degrees…

      I’m just in aw of the extremity, that is Russian Bias… Holyshit…

      edit – i doubt a Prinz Eugen sized ship with 38cm guns would stay afloat without flipping over honestly… Graf Spee was bad enough…

    • You can copy paste the Russian site (paragraph by paragraph) to Google Translate if you want to know more about the Russian Project 24.
      You cannot find info on Project 24 in English. You have to look it up in Russian.

      There were 14 variations of this design 3 of them had the 457 mm gun and the rest the recycled 406 mm guns from Project 23.
      Various secondary layouts were designed.
      24 X 130 mm, 24 X 152 mm, 12 X 152 mm and 16 X 100 mm, 12 X 152 mm non-universal and 16 X 100 mm( which is used in the illustration)

      24 X 152 mm Fucking Secondaries ! RUSSIAN BIAS OVER 9000!!!
      That’s 2 Kutuzovs bolted on each side of this ship.
      This ship will rape everything that dares to come near her.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      That guy was right… – some dude who commented, upon leaking Russian BBs… from Yuro’s how to Missouri vid… – supposedly a joke but… – now its a prophecy lel…
      I cant find the comment… But he said something like

      20 KV-2 guns strapped on each side of the ship.
      Citadel – non existent… Armour – Stalinium – all shells bounce = the moment it touches the hull…
      Torpedo protection is Borris Berezovski catching any of the torpedoes – before they hit… While Chuck norris is forced to shout bang at incoming fascist air cancer…
      Concealment – non existent – can be seen across the entire map, to show superiority of Communist mother land to Fascist american all the way to imperial scum… And Dispersion is the best – since Stalin guides the shell from heaven and all the way to citadel…

      Considering whats happening – it might just become reality… edit* – forgot to say constructed by people sent to Gulag…

    • Or they can take “France” angle with the Russian Tier 10.
      Give Project 24 (406 mm) T9 level main armament but buff the reload time to 21 seconds or less.
      (Which in IMHO is BULLSHIT just like the France)

      A gigantic battleship with 457 mm guns with 30 second firing cycle looks more plausible than a 406 mm gun with a 20 second firing cycle unless you make it automatic. . .
      Which would still make it Bullshit because an Auto loading 406 mm turret would weigh as much as an 457 mm manual turret plus the 406 mm turret will have a far higher failure rate.

  4. second picture you showed was of gneisenau. look at turrets and secondaries

    • It’s not Gneisenau.
      It’s Kronstadt armed with Bismarck type turrets to speed up construction.
      The Soviet 305 mm triple turrets were embroiled in development hell.
      So the Soviets decided to Purchase 380 mm twin turrets from Germany through the Ribbentrop – Molotov treaty in return for grain and raw materials to keep the German war machine going.
      Also included in the deal was the Seydlitz and Lutzow the two last sisters of the Hipper though only Lutzow was delivered to the Soviets.
      The 380 mm guns and turrets were never delivered because Operation Barbarossa happened.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      tamenga88 this is all you need to know about kroshtand

    • and not only the turrets should go to SSSR, but the AA rangefinders were already send there, thats why Bismarck had aft AA rangefinders older type open mount…

    • Kronstadt was planned with the german 38cm guns (3×2) the russians bought, they look similar

    • In fact, Kronstadt historically was similar to the WG modeled version of Gneisenau

  5. Wait a minute.
    They modeled Stalingrad AND Kronstadt but NO ALASKA?
    You know the one that got ACTUALLY BUILT?

    Russian bias BLOWZ

    • tamenga88
      The Alaska class belongs to a line of American battlecruisers or a large cruise line that emerges from the main cruise line
      It DOES NOT deserve to be a premium, enough of premiums for the moment

    • I would love to see a modernized USS Constellation blow both Stalingradt and Kronstadt out of the water.

    • I wouldn’t give up hope the Alaska and the Stalingrad Class along with the B-85 and the 1047 and the G3 and O Class are all battle cruisers. At some point they will eb added call this test of water see if they can get it too fit in.

    • Could be a side ship to the Tier 9 off shot i could see that for theme instead of premiums.

  6. Will this eventually replace musashi? Or will it be a reward ship?

  7. WG, just shut up and take my money!

  8. I want that ship

  9. Free XP boat?

  10. So will it become a Cruiser or a BB ingame? I mean they turned alot of Battlecruisers into BBs, and from the stats it kinda looks like Scharnhorst at Tier 9 ^^

  11. Finde den nicht gut sollten lieber Projekt 82 bringen also den kreuzer Stalingrad aber dann geht ja das geheule von den ganzen kidis los weil zu op etc dabei gibts so einige Nachkriegszeit schiffe aber naja wargaming ändert ja schon was wenn 10Leute im Forum rumheulen und die 10sprechen dann quasi für die ganze wows Spieler sry aber für mich ein Armutszeugnis (armes Deutschland )(kaputtes Russland)

  12. this will be fracking Soviet tier 9 Scharnhorst…. soviet bias incarnated… 20seconds reload 9k damage ap main guns – make it 17s with module, and armor that will make it pain in the aft to kill… and it will be using CRUISER slot

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      ewok40k well at least it has worse mm and weaker armor Probably it lacks turtleback too but with this ongoing trend of all new BBs/BCs being citadel proof is very unlikely

    • still this is going to be matched by mm against ibuki or roon or poor british CL that not even has HE to spam
      the HP advantage alone makes it broken

    • no, it’s not broken because of the agility, really, look at this, that’s battleship-like, and if the turning circle specification is most of the times wrong for the soviet cruisers, so you can expect that’s the case too (really, from tests the Moskwa has a Kurfürst-like turning circle, according to LittleWhiteMouse)
      it has 1.8 sigma, unlike scharnhorst’s 2.0

  13. When vill russian cruise spam stop

  14. I buy this ship

  15. Thé name IS not Stalingrad ?

  16. Kronstadt isn’t a class it is the third ship of the Stalingrad Class, the Class you showed was the class ship but it didn’t even past design little lone built.

  17. Stalingrad?

  18. bias blin

  19. sigma 1.8 thats terrible…
    oh men… i dont know about cruisers wich are apperently more a bb then a cruiser and all these 305 mm guns…. i really dont think that these ships are fitting well into the game… i think i would have been better by just staying at the 203… i dont know

  20. For fuck sake just give us a tier 8 Alaska already

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