NEW TIER 10 IJN DD – Harugumo and Kitakaze(9) || World of Warships

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  1. sehr metallisches mikro!

  2. It was time to finish the gunboat destroyer branch, and the people who thought I was crazy when they said they would fill it when others said the developers would never fill it completely, now, I wonder if the TX is so expected Super Akatsuki, who was supposed to continue the Akatsuki class
    Hopefully and soon give the US Navy its own branch of big / leading destroyers as they did with the Soviet Navy in the game.

  3. Interessant! Also heisst es Akizuki wieder fahren! Der japanische Techtree brauch auch mal wieder etwas Leben!

  4. Hi Panzer, I like your videos and the fact you speak more in them, but Im a french viewer who only Can understand english… So i was interested about if you thounk to speak english ?

  5. Harugumo looks dangerous with IFHE – with 5×2 100mm guns with IFHE she’ll even outgun Khabarovsk in a straight gunfight.

    • Trades46 just spreading awareness to a fellow ace combat fan, if you say 2×5 you’re implying that the ship is armed with 2 quintuple turrets.
      The correct way would be 5×2 (it always n° of mounts × n° of guns per mount)

    • Lack of sleep does no good for the body – thank-you. Edited.

    • Trades46 No probs mate. Trust me I know your pain, college does that to me.

  6. Super Video

  7. English?

  8. Aaaand USS Gearing has been rendered obsolete.

  9. In meinen Deutschkursen hören Sie Ihre Videos viel besser. Danke.

  10. Sehr angenehme Stimme. Solltest öfter sprechen^^
    Würde mich über kommentierte Replays freuen 😉 Falls es die anders sprachigen Zuschauer stört kannste es ja zusätzlich auch ohne Kommentar hochladen.
    Aber alles in allem Danke für deine Videos und mach weiter so!

  11. Make IJN DD great again

    plesae give them DFAA.

  12. thanks for the video, this is interesting news indeed! We play rather often a Gearing/Khabarovsk division, and it seems Harugumo would be an interesting ship to try instead of Khaba. Looking forwards to this!

  13. New DD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. All I know is that we better get the Italian cruisers before this

  15. I like the fact you have your game set for English. I do that with the foreign languages I learn as well.

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