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Main Changes
US Cruisers First

Cleveland moved to Second Branch.
moved from Tier VII to Tier VI.
New Orleans moved from Tier VIII to Tier VII.
Baltimore moved from Tier IX to Tier VIII.
Buffalo introduced as Tier IX.
receives no changes.

US Cruisers Second Branch

introduced as Tier VI.
Helena introduced as Tier VII.
Cleveland introduced as Tier VIII.
Seatle introduced as Tier IX.
Worcester introduced as Tier X.

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  1. Main Changes
    US Cruisers First Branch

    Cleveland moved to Second Branch.
    Pensacola moved from Tier VII to Tier VI.
    New Orleans moved from Tier VIII to Tier VII.
    Baltimore moved from Tier IX to Tier VIII.
    Buffalo introduced as Tier IX.
    Des Moines receives no changes.

    US Cruisers Second Branch

    Dallas introduced as Tier VI.
    Helena introduced as Tier VII.
    Cleveland introduced as Tier VIII.
    Seatle introduced as Tier IX.
    Worcester introduced as Tier X.

  2. tier X US Minotaur incoming ? 😛

  3. The Worcester looks like a minatour but with an extra gun turret. Prepare for a rain of fire. Whilst the shells will block out the sun it will still be bright due to all the enemy ships burning.

  4. I was bored in Wows. Now I have to prepare to making a new tech branch 😀

  5. What happened to the Alaska class? Though that would be new teir X

    • The only US protected cruisers re Chester and St-Louis. Phoenix and Omaha are light/scout cruisers.
      Also, 8 classes of ship is too much. 4 is fine, although 5 could be nice to have a BC line. They could also just make splits.

    • Jérémy Jean
      Alaska is for all purposes TIX / TX material, it would be better for this vessel to create a sub-branch of Large Cruises for the US Navy, starting from the battleship branch TVIII, with a preliminary Alaska, the Alaska itself in TIX and a Super Alaska in TX, that although you do not believe it here I have it:
      I am afraid that I can not be sure of the Battle Cruises, because I only know the Lexington Class, and I am not sure either that there is a battle cruiser (either conceptual or a design studio) that is suitable for TX, unless the Wargaming personnel become the boat’s designers and invent a Battle Cruiser for themselves without a historical basis

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      Alaska was the last class of cruises launched by the United States Navy before the end of the war (The class Des Moines and Worcester are post war) therefore a nice continuation of the Baltimore

      The only nation that can have Leader Destroyers is the US Navy within the game, since they have plenty of destroyer classes to shape it including paper ships

      The Alaska Class (named after insular territories) were treated as intermediaries between Light / Heavy Cruises (named after cities) and battleships (named after the states) therefore also due to their weight, armament and the fact of not having an anti-torpedo bulb they do more a TIX / TX cruise than a battleship or a battle cruiser (which all had at least some anti-torpedo protection)

    • I still don’t agree with you, but it looks like we’re gonna have to agree to disagree, here.

      But I do want to know this: let’s pretend WG creates aa sub-branch of large cruisers (I dont know why they would), which spot would they take in the team lineup? BB or CA?

      Also, the USSR tech tree is full of destroyer leaders at the moment, it’s not just the US that planned those.

      I don’t know why you say I don’t believe it? (dont believe what?)

      Also for the Lexington, that would probably be a one-time premium thing. They would also have to name it differently because Lexington the CV is already in the game.


    • Jérémy Jean
      I’m not trying to force you to accept what I write, but rather I’m open to whatever debate you want, and I’m sure those beasts are more High-Tier cruisers than a low Tier-BB by the simple fact that the US Navy never designates them BB’s or Battlecruciers, they had already discontinued that term as a form of referring them, along with the fact that NO post-treat battleships carried such little weapons (305mm) but 15,16 and 18-inch weapons, including paper ships, incomplete and design studies, so NO … it is NOT a low-tier BB, because it would be very weak again destroyers and ANY torpedo-armed ship without super hydroacoustic search and long range radar to counteract the DD’s, even more that this class of ships did not have an anti-torpedo bulb at all and contrary to any battleship and all battlecruisers know (both real and paper and design studios) and that lack / weakness is very similar to that of the American cruisers of current high-Tiers such as the Baltimore and the Des Moines, which are usually the target of torpedo soups of both destroyers and carriers, plus the torpedo salvoes of the German and Japanese cruisers, which in a low tier without hydroacoustic search or radar would be the loss of the Alaska Class

  6. Nice! I haven’t touched the Pensacola since it’s buff. Going to sell it and go down the new line. Never did like the Pensacola in the first place.

  7. dat Cleaveland at last show his true color

  8. Tovarish_Kartoshka 4

    Nice VID simple No Drama and professional good job I Salute you Sr

  9. Are these Torpedo tubes at the Buffalo?

  10. Hapye is real… Hope there is a chance, that they’ll come to the Game this Year D:

  11. cleveland will belong to where it suppose to be now…..

  12. Pensacolas gonna be a monster at tier 6 with those 10 203s

  13. Pensacola being moved into T6 makes SO MUCH SENSE. Also Cleveland would have to be buffed to be viable at T8 considering she would be pitted against T10 MM.
    Helena is obviously a modified Brooklyn class at T7; she would be a T7 Mogami with 15 guns. Buffalo I previously thought would be a Oregon-city class CA but obviously it is not with a 3×4 8in main battery. I’m also betting Seattle isn’t a Fargo class CL but a similar paper 3×4 or 3×5 6in gun cruiser.

  14. Still no Wichita, maybe a tier 8 premium latter. However, I doubt we will see this split until spring next year.. 🙁

  15. I can’t understand the difference of both trees…… guns are looks same…..

  16. finally, Buffalo has been in the WOWS files from beta, and Helena with 15 submachine guns.


  18. great another t10 spammer..

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  20. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Mogami gonna have a hard time against Halena (USN Mogami at T7) and Tier 8 Cleveland.
    Worcester AKA Tier 10 Atlanta or Minotaur with HE – to be the blazing goddess of fire spam at high tier… if Monqueror wasn’t enough fire spam.

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