NEW USS KIDD – Low damage DD they said….World of Warships

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NEW USS – Low they said….World
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  1. new US premium DD is here.

  2. Do u ever talk in your videos

  3. 5 turrets, 1 torp tube, HEAL, AA defence and Smoke,super DD!!! more near to Light Cruiser!

  4. Is not a DS is a Gunboat

  5. What is the name of this intro music please tell me.

  6. Tovarish_Kartoshka 4

    Carry On Kidd !! KUDOS

  7. I built my kidd full AA and holy crap its insane. Maybe someday ill go full gunboat but for now I love watching planes fall

  8. ahh. i see. this player is member of No1.strongest clan in NA server. it calld SALTY. this result is provided by 60% of captein skill . 20 % ship strengh and , 20 % luck. … no suprise.

  9. I can totally see FloatingFireBat having a game like that, he’s a DD main, and a bloody good one at that. Hell he can probably get 100K matches in a damn Sampson lol The average Joe isn’t going to do that well in the Kidd, it just isn’t that great a ship. not terribad.. just not that great.

  10. what no one making fun of him for buying the Kidd like all the mouthbreathers IN game?

    it has a heal, it’s nifty, shut thy yammers

  11. what is that indicator in white it seems to point at the closest ship even if not seen or is it last known position?

  12. Interesting, at the start of the game he caused a flooding on the Ncal, but he did not try to set it on fire.

  13. Let this be the time for you to remember that you ALMOST cough the great Captain Kidd!!!

  14. I wish i could face an enemy team like that. With NC, Gearing, & possibly the Roon, such noob, no wonder it was GG.

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