NEW USS Kidd premium DD – teaser – World of Warships

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  1. and i thought kidd class is a missile destroyer

  2. Oerlicon? Or… Oerlikon?

  3. Is it 2×5 torp or 1×5, there were 2 different official vitals that contradict.

  4. Min 3.07 shows 2×5 torps MK15 so…range 9.2 km.

  5. Wow! I’ll be grabbing this when it’s out.

  6. now they should do the USS Johnston (DD-557)

  7. Well Historically one 5x Torp launcher but WG better add a second one or atleast  a 30 second reload.

  8. Where did you get this video ? There is no subtiles :*(

  9. wg to gunwo pomysł dowa c sip szipa z 9 tieru na usmy

  10. You know what would be funny is that if all the yolo idiot in wow drove this thing

  11. Silverfox Hoffos2vp

    Cough add Haida cough lol. But this looks awesome too!!

  12. WG should put the USS Cassin Young in the game. I saw her in Boston last summer.

  13. Wow, faking a dogfight so your target stops shooting at you is brilliant.

  14. so basically the upcoming ranked season will be tier 8

  15. I’ve visited her many times, she’s a beautiful ship.

  16. A t8 fletcher? Isn’t that gonna be a little too OP?

  17. another useless burger… thanks for more food for my cruiser’s

  18. Earlycorn

  19. that guy loves heavy metal

  20. Does this footage belong to you ? I doubt it… Why don’t you leave it to WG ? Because you are taking away their views…

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