New WOWS secondary German Battleships – Mackensen Review

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Today we talk about the new German Battleship line that has made it’s way to World of Warships for early testing, and whether or not their secondaries are viable. I type this after just playing a round of ranked gameplay where I scored six kills in the Mackensen, which will be today’s review. Secondaries are very much back and they are totally viable on the new German BBs. I also walk you through a German secondary build.


  1. So they nerfed the secondaries to bring back another line of BB’s with lo and behold secondaries. It is a perversion.

    • They buffed secondaries back bruh

    • @Anubhav Das Sarma Not what it was before bruh

    • @Frank Berkemeier yes but
      The secondaries gained 2 benefits for Non-German and Non-premium american ships

      The secondaries, universally got significantly more range
      And they got the ability to fires on both sides
      As a bonus they are significantly cheaper at just 7 points, a 3rd slot mod, and a flag

      And the main point is, they work just fine as is

  2. AA really hasn’t changed in these ships since T3. That should tell you a lot. You’re bringing T3 AA to T6.

  3. If you regularly suffer the indignity of burning so as to hold your repair for thwarting submarines, it makes the Rage skill a possibility.

  4. Ninja vampire Alpha wolf

    Please no zoup show your skill tree and whats different GK secondary with schiliffen same secondarys same range ?

    • Schiliffen has worse pens then the gk, so you need ifhe to pen 32 mm with the small guns. However they are much more accurate and fire off a lot more shells. I’d argue the gk is more a battleship brawler while schillifen needs to use torps and good angling to deal with an enemy dd. Schillifen is a cruisers nightmare in close quarters though, and with that stealth she can be surprisingly sneaky.
      That is what I heard At least.
      I am just praying they reduce all bb damage cons cause with subs and he spammers it can be easy for them to get over loaded.

  5. Subs make random poor ro unplayable- particularly if 2

  6. Do the t7. It is even better

  7. Let me answer your question before I watch your vid. Are secondaries back? In a vacuum, yes. With subs – christ no

  8. will have to see how the new tier 10 is have my doubts No turtle back armor for new tier 10 bb, 4 less guns than GK, ships armor is also lacking gk gets 32mm fore while new bb 27mm, new bb second guns 105mm 12×2 and 150mm 8×2 while gk 128mm 10×2 and 150mm 4×2. only thing is new bb will have 1.35 km torps but the speed only 50 knots 2 quad torp launchers each side 2 minute reload time for them.

  9. Why’d you pass on taking C cap after sinking New Mexico?

  10. I wonder how it directly compares to the Prinz Eitel Friedrich.

    • Very little difference between the two. The numbers got tweaked a little left and right but they are basically the same.

  11. Everyone needs to call these what they truly are: battlecruisers. I personally are anticipating a British CB line split.

  12. I love that you end the video before we see the outcome of that sub’s ping on you…

  13. The AA on tier 5 is a pain!!! Got completely harassed by a t4 cv, while dodging like hell, completely ruined my 100k dmg games. Dodging 360 didn’t help at all.

  14. feel bad for old german BB line, this new line is just better and more fun.

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