Nicolas Cage plays World of Warships

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A little humor for your Monday starring the one and only Oscar winning . Or at least, this is how I envision him playing . better yet, this is how I envision him playing the , because this is spot on how I feel playing the bloody Bismarck.


  1. ouch lol

  2. Army Aviation’s version of Top Gun. What a horrible movie.

  3. My Tirpitz doesn’t have the secondaries, but planes melt with my AA. I’ve
    caught myself a couple of times doing this 🙂


  4. Nic went all out with his gaming set up, hardcore! Thanks for the laugh,
    Zoup. Good way to start a Monday. Forgot all about this movie, might need
    to seek it out and give it a good roasting.

  5. Oh, god, Zoup, WHY!?!?!

  6. what. the. heck. Hey Zoup, I’m sure you’ve heard 80 times since the
    podcast; the grey box next to your ship now designates the H for Home
    button to get ship stats (instead of ctrl hover over ship icon)

  7. If that’s how he plays, no wonder he got the Indianapolis Sank! Great way
    to start off my morning Zoup!

  8. President Donald J. Trump


  9. Lol it wold of been better if he was playing with the Uss Nicholas

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