NIGHT Battle in Tier 7 French Cruiser in Ranked – World of Warships

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Algerie is a Frech tier 7 tech tree cruiser that was always left in my mind like a really good cruiser, and I think I can still stay behind it. I am not a big fan of tier 7 in WoWS no matter which class we look at, but for what you get I think this is an okey ship.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. We have night battle right now?

    • sometimes, certain maps will have a “night time” setting, like this one. It’s just a cosmetic effect though, you can still see ships as easily as in the day.

  2. Night time haha funny you can still spot the ships normal range

  3. 4:21 whaaaaaaaat ?

  4. Would be cool if it was darker and AA mounts etc fired star shells around the ocean.
    Game needs more new mechanics.

    • I don’t think so, it needs interesting mechanics, not new ones. Consider the pan American cruisers compared to the Spanish cruisers. For the American lines, you have to build up your meter by landing shots, which recharges your radar and heal. This allows you to play very aggressively, but as a light cruiser you still have to play well, otherwise you catch the port express. Compare to the Spanish cruisers, which are light super cruisers, with a. Icebreaker, large gun caliber, and a burst fire, which let’s you change between high alpha or high dpm.
      On paper both are dumb mechanics, but for pan american ships, the mechanic reinforces a playstyke. Mash W and outtrade HP. The Spanish cruisers just have a freebie with little practical drawback. Even then it’s better than the supership bursts which get all kind of weird or outright broken buffs.

    • The simplest fun mechanics would probably just be night battle, but you have to choose spotlight or starshell in addition to regular shell. Spotlight works both ways, spotting both ships, while starshell works like in the operation. My only change is every ship gets them, bigger shells have bigger area to account for longer reload. For extra fun keep the 7s detection from shooting, rather than 20s, and keep the low detection radius. Knife fights galore, at least at lower tiers. Might be worth brining epicenter back that way.

  5. @thomaskositzki9424

    Mega nice battle! Amazing how long you survived despite being more or less a one-shot. 🙂
    04:22 You know the movie “Yamato”? Cool. I wouldn’t call it “beautiful” though, rather gut wrenching and heart breaking. But from my perspective as WW2 nerd, I’d say it is a fairly good depiction of the events surrounding her sinking. Definitely better than crap like the new “Midway”.

    BTW you were not spotted. 🤔

  6. @omerfarukcetinkaya5943

    09:29 man…. you are blessed 😆

  7. Is torp detection range, and detection range in general affected in night battles?

  8. Nope not detected…

  9. You look bored of your mind, Flam.
    There’s medicine for that…sort of.
    I remember many years ago, I got into same position (not same same but you know what I mean), and there were rewards and all kind of “important” unlockables coming in “a few months…”, so I thought I’d try something new, because I needed to play instead of wanting to play…
    So I tried something…It’s in Aslain’s modpack…At the end of the list, there are “full conversions”, which reskin your menu’s, ship profile pictures, etc.
    I remember trying Kancolle and Arpegio Blue steel reskins…It really felt like something, even though I haven’t seen a single episode of those animes…It makes the game super fresh. Highly recommend as a thing to try for fun.

  10. I absolutely HATED the algerie back in the day I was farming the french cruiser line…

  11. Not detected when the hit came in at 4:26

  12. You were NOT detected at the beginning. I’ll bet someone, somewhere was saying to themselves “wtf, I hit something!! “

  13. imagine being the stream sniping Sinop… and still losing.

  14. Silly gimmick – maybe you guys like it, but it seems entirely pointless and just strains your eyes. Is the surface detection affected by it as it is during a storm or a cyclone at least? You should be even more difficult to spot and your torpedoes should be near invisible, unless detected by hydro. Same goes for subs on the surface. Yet this doesn’t seem to be… so why is this mode even there?!
    Just pointless. 🤦‍♂

  15. I saw the first time you were hit, Flambass, you weren’t detected. Probably stream sniped.

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