Nikolai 8 kills – Ends Strong || World of Warships

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  1. First 🙂

  2. Alright i thought the sci-fi skins looked bad. But now i’m sure this right now is the ugliest skin in the history of skins.

  3. I don’t know how people think they were advanced point wise then they came to their death

  4. I don’t have this ship and never played it before,how is it op?

    • Eclipse 12 gun, tier 4, good dispersion.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      2.0 Sigma for T4 – for a ship with 12 305mm guns. When most ships at this tier have at best 6-10 guns – with sigma as low as 1.5. – the ship carries a 150mm – 200mm armour belt running across the bow – meaning its hard to citadel the ship through the bow – with only a few 16mm areas to overmatch – and the ship does not have any superstructure – meaning it can only be set on fire through deck hits. at least the ship has a gigantic hitable citadel. – but now this ship is pretty balance – when compared to the conqueror junior – Orion.

      Orion is something else all together, it can burn anything sight – with both better fire chance and HE dmg than a T10 Montana HE – not to mention it can citadel cruisers with its HE – and it has – citadel-proof turtleback armour.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Orion can citadel cruisers with HE because all cruisers in Orion’s MM range are barely armored. Actually any low tier battleships can do the same.

  5. Is the app real?

    • thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

      Jerry Glaze i think yes

    • Jerry Glaze idk they wanna make money off of you so they will make a lot more of you watching those ads then you will get in dubloons and so you will probably sit there for 30 days without getting 20 bucks dubloons worth. But thats just an assumption, i could very well be wrong about this.

  6. What the heck is it I want this ship

  7. I miss playing this game so much. The only way I can play World of Warships is World of Warships Blitz at least until I can get me a computer I just hope my account is still there

  8. I still have the ship in my account at least I hope

  9. Pay to win

  10. This guy plays like real t 4 player lmao

  11. those 2 players on the other team should have their heads examined, they were winning on caps and points and they charged in. Stupid is as stupid does

  12. Remember kids: if you aren’t playing “no cap kill all”, then you are a filthy scrublord who deserves to have your entire family be tortured and killed.

  13. Mariusz Sobieraj

    I’ll try to quote Jingles: This moment when you have to do absolutely nothing to win and you still fail.

  14. Željko Šušak

    This boat design should be banned!!

  15. What sorcery is this ship!!!!

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