Ninjakaze 300k Damage || World of Warships

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  1. First time that i’m first…XD

  2. Second time that im second!

  3. i will watch ninjakaze ?? ?
    Thank you

  4. Thanks for all your video!

  5. Shima farms damage and doesn’t support the cap. Smh

  6. Since Flashmakaze isn’t fast anymore she needed to adapt.

  7. Do people quote their damage in chat just seek some sought of gratification? To me it just screams WANKER!

  8. I give props to any shima that doesn’t die in 5 minutes. This one did 300k… wayyyy above expectations, Kudos to the player 😀 But I dislike the fact that he doesn’t know how to read points, or time remaining. Shows bad style of game play. Sure, 300k is a lot to get. But its just 3 BB HP at T10.

  9. Good game. And I reckon he/she played pretty well. The habit of delaying the second torpedo launch to enable a permaflood showed some discipline versus “I have a shot, lets unload everything” approach that you normally see.

  10. Why is everyone so stupid in europe? that guy died at start and blamed his teammates the entire game.

  11. That’s a paddlin’

  12. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    nice torping but…should have capped earlier

  13. I know the AA is not great on that, but damn if you’re spotted turn it on

  14. It’s not a shimakaze it’s cheatakaze

  15. lack of capping other then that well played

  16. Impressive damage …… nothing else was good about his/her game

  17. When you have a ship where the torpedo range has a huge buffer over your tiny detection range, well, it’s pretty easy to play and rack-up damage and kills. You’re virtually invulnerable especially if there are few DDs in the game or aircraft. I would’ve like to see him do this in a Minekaze (where the detection range is just a hair shorter than the torpedo range) or in a Minekaze with aircraft carriers or two more DDs on the other team.

  18. Questionable situational awareness notwithstanding, this is a very impressive Shima captain. There are two things they did that separated them from the average player. One, instead of launching all torpedoes at once, they staggered the launches at intervals coinciding with the target’s damage control duration, guaranteeing perma floods. Two, at 5:10 you can see them fire torpedoes at the Yamato WITHOUT locking on. Assuming it isn’t just a replay bug, this is doubly impressive because not only are they able to perfectly judge the trajectory regardless, but they knew that the Yamato would not be expecting the torps if they were never notified of being locked onto. Good show.

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