No Apology, No Change, No Nothing

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WG releases a statement, it’s utterly worthless. This is a SENIOR management issue. WoWS Executive Producers are the ones you need to be looking at, not the poor CMs who have to come out and peddle this shit being directed at them from the top.


  1. I went in expecting nothing and somehow came out with an even worse experience. I think I lost a few braincells picking through the utter garbage of this statement. If you asked a 10 year old to write an apology statement I guarantee you that 10 year old would wipe the floor with WG.

    • Ye know the best thing to aim for in customer service is “always aim to exceed the customers expectations” I don’t think WG quite got that it’s the POSITIVE expectations to aim for 😂

    • To quote Jungles: “We set the bar low, then Wargaming brought a shovel”

  2. As expected, WG does not care about anything else but the bottom line. They’ve lost me as a customer a few years ago and I’m not going to spend even a cent on them ever again

    • Totally agree and I did the same last year.

    • Not even that: they seem to care only for the short term bottom line. People seem to be abandoning the game, WoT especially (maybe the russian player base keeps growing but who knows?) but WG doesn’t seem to care. All they do is plonk more premiums on the cash shop and do changes nobody asks for (maybe except some accountant in their basement). I guess they reached that phase were all they can think about is how to sqeaze every last cent out of the existing players.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      I spent 500 dollars on this game in total prior to the CV rework and I felt like I might as well have thrown all that money over the cliff and into the ocean.

  3. Like you and Jingles said, we aren’t the player base they’re ‘catering’ to anymore, and honestly they probably looking at this as a good way to just shutter the CC program after the firestorm dies down, which it probably will no matter what.

    • While Jingles is very likely correct in this assessment, this shitstorm seems to be large enough to get the attention of the regular media. This is something that WG should be pretty afraid of.

      The reason for this is, that
      1. Loot-boxes in games are already being investigated in several European countries
      2. When regular media reports about WG’s predatory monetization (for a game rated 7+, no less), regular people hear about it.
      3. When regular people (and especially parents, most of which are usually pretty clueless about what their kids play) hear about this, they might rise a bit of a stink and if regular people rise a stink, politicians might notice it (and there are elections over here in Germany rather soon) and might get involved, if only to score some points with the public.
      4. This could speed up the legislative process considerably – and the last thing WG wants, is having their games declared 18+ in Europe.

    • @Hawk eye Really hope your right, but, until they’re called on the carpet by a regulatory body and can not weasel out of it by saying they’re not ‘loot boxes’ they’re ‘random bundles’ like how EA tried to squirm out by saying ‘oh its not gambling, tis surprise mechanics!’ nothing will change because honestly the vast majority of the player base these days don’t keep up with anything beyond WG’s news portal anything that happens outside of that probably isn’t going to happen for them. its going to take Governments to step in and slap them hard for them to get it through their heads

      loot boxes are just that damned lucrative and companies are not moral to begin with. sure, get kids and vets addicted to your game’s gambling mechanic, what of it, the only consequence (currently) is they get more money from people unable to help themselves.

    • @Chaser McLoude realistically the log in play a few games, spend some money then leave crowd are their bread and butter. They have spent money but aren’t a drain on their servers.

    • @Chaser McLoude be funny if they tried that and the EU said no no no, this isnt a lawsuit about predatory monetization practices, its a suprise mechanic of being the best at what you do

    • @TotalDbag They will find some “tool” to do it for them. They always do. As the old saying goes “A sucker is born every minute.”

  4. Looking forward to iChase the Naval Architect plays Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

  5. Oh that`s interesting… smaller studio these days tends to have a closer communication w/ the player base. Nice to hear.

    • @Jared Young Dang…and they’re still selling it for $28, it would appear.

    • @John Ah, so you are already familiar with it?

    • @Jared Young I’ve heard the name, but no. I read your comment and was curious, so I went and read a few very impassioned reviews on the Steam store page, where I also saw the price~

    • @John Well you can look through the Discussions for the “(Developer) is back thread.” Hilarious and sad at the same time.

    • @Jinkuzu It’s usually the Upper management that causes all the problems mostly. An example being releasing a game WAY before it is ready. Case in point being Cyberpunk 2077.

  6. Cant wait to jump into this new naval project, if only to spite WG.

  7. Im super excited for a new naval warfare game, if it’s good an alot of the ex-CCs cover and play it, then hopefully it will succeed

    • @Ritvik Gupta Never played it, but have heard of it from other and watching what gameplay videos are still left on YT.

    • @SpicyPotato For some reason I have a funny feeling it’s Task Force: Admiral. I do not know why, but I got a gut feeling.

    • @Jared Young I don´t know about that game name though. What could we suggest? I know, World of Warships Killer!!

    • @Jared Young Task Force: Admiral looks VERY promising. 👌
      I’m beginning to wonder if WG’s recent tactics (double down on monetization, create the Affiliate program to replace CCs, and churn new players at the expense of older players) isn’t happening precisely BECAUSE there finally are alternative naval games on the horizon, and WG wants to milk WoWS as much as humanly possible before the bottom falls out completely….🤔

    • @Fitzwalrus It’s quite possible. It will not help them though.

  8. They purged a myriad of critical posts from the NA forum. WG are in full Soviet mode. “There is no problem if nobody points a finger. CHOP OFF THOSE FINGERS!”

  9. As soon as a similar new game comes available, WG will face rapid demise.
    As for me, I have happily not given WG any real money since the CV rework. They don’t need it, I spend it on more useful/pleasant things.
    F**k WG’s moral bankruptcy, currently being investigated for prefatory behaviour. And justice for all.

    • “As soon as a similar new game comes available, WG will face rapid demise.”


    • @ErichRaeder The vid you linked is kinda what I’m talking about. The market for this game genre isn’t big enough for two major games to exist and IEarlGrey basically says that when he mentions that developers aren’t sure the demand is there. If WoWS were to end its development cycle then room opens up for a new game to exist.

    • Well, this is already occuring to one of WG’s game WOTB since a competitor is starting beta tests.

    • @WW2 Expert yep Tank Company his look more nice and vs 2001 shit World of Tanks Blitz with full of retards , rigged MM , ghost sheels , OP FUCKING OP TIER 7 tanks , stupid BLUE PRMO Tanks , stupid favorized “PRO Clans ” yeah in 2018 one team ( RAID ) use an exploit on one map to climb a Grille 15 on a hill but i normal you can do it you have a rock in front of you and that thing his UNFAIR VS ENEMY Team + this thing his an exploit of game soo …why weren’t they disqualified + banned for this thing? a yes … BIG Wallets and +10k dollars in that shit game …
      typical Wargaming , all big games now have alot of problems and many are super stupid … Warthunder shit grind and OP P2W tanks , try harders , on wot : retards with 30% win rate , op tanks , arty , same mm rigged , p2w events …

    • Steel ocean is a decent alternative

  10. Holy smokes, this makes EA looks like a saint man.

    • Or Activision

    • Hell, even gaijin isn’t this bad.

    • @m0nkEz gaijin in linbo for now lol

    • Both are shit. The only good thing that EA did recently was it’s partnership with Petroglyph Games (former Westwood Studios employees) to do the Remaster of Command & Conquer and Red Alert. The other being BF:1. WG, EA, Gaijin, Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, etc (AAA developers in general) I steer clear from as everything they make is $*** these days. Not to mention greedy lootboxes and microtransactions

    • @m ุ I am done with War Thunder as well as the grind has become boring and a chore and it takes the fun out of the game. For flight games, I just dust off il-2: 1946, load my mods and have a blast.

  11. Can’t wait for you to release info about that new game. I wouldn’t mind a studio doing sort of “Age of Sail” and “Age of Steam” naval games to show WG how its done properly!

    • I know a new naval game is coming but i don’t know if it is the same ichase talks about, the name as of now is FoS “Fleet of Steel” and there are info about the new game in steel of ocean’s discord server

    • @Rar Eu Interesting? So that’s the name? No reveal trailer at all yet? Is it done by the same devs as Steel Ocean?

  12. Wargaming’s response to the Missouri: “Pay wall not enough! Now we must put it behind a grind wall! Make them use specific ships they might not own, so now they have to spend credits and free xp AND real money! Oh, and drag it out for a week… Make them get anxious, try to push them towards the loot crates. That should make them happy, right?” Utterly shit, Wargaming. Pure. Unadulterated. SHIT.

  13. Usually it’s hard to follow creators when they change games around.. but I’ll do what I can to make sure the new games you play are supported.

    I don’t want any creator that fell into WG’s predatory ways to come out with less than they had before.

  14. I believe everyone was expecting another disaster coming from WG, but they always manage to surprise us in their never ending stupidity.
    WG is rapidly becoming one of the worst gaming companies out there. It is almost as their goal is to become EA.

  15. 5:12
    There’s a secret predatory monetization tactic here as well.

    Missouri will be on the Premium Shop, and not Armory.

    What does that mean? You can’t get her directly with doubloons, you need cash. Now, remember how Distant Voyages event forced you to buy doubloons if you wanted tokens? Yeah, if you got those bundles, you can’t buy Missouri with them without gambling. Not being in the armory or for doubloons also mean there’s no 25% discount coupon.

    All I can do is clap. In a shithole this deep, WG still tries to fuck their customers in the ass.

  16. To put this in perspective. I just wrote a press release for a client literally this afternoon. Including research, thinking, writing, two rounds of editing, a few calls to the client for input, some tweeks from my boss, approval from my boss, final draft to the client, his edits, his approval, formatting, adding a photo and two logos (more formatting), and boom ready to go to be emailed to the media…it took less than 1 1/2 hours.

    • @globalforce Well, yes. Plus it’s a client I really like (a quadriplegic who runs his own charity). But I’m also working on other things…and the press release wasn’t a ‘disaster’. PR shit like this get’s top priority. It took them what, 3 days to respond officially? And the response was a non-response?

      That’s…bizarrely pathetic. I’d say ‘fire your agency/VP’ but sheesh this is their typical response…like it’s company policy. No one’s getting fired because they are doing what they are supposed to do. Even the nice ones. Even the ones that seem like they care. Just a different way of enforcing the same policy, imo. How many of these events have happened to WG in the past 5 years? How many times have they led to real, positive change? (hint, the answers are not infrequently and zero).

    • @globalforce Oh, and thanks.

    • @Ocrilat It seems like the fundamental attitude of Russian or Russia-adjacent developers is a lot less consumer friendly; I’ve seen this kind of attitude with companies like Eagle Dynamics (DCS developer) and I suppose one could link that with Russian approach to customer service in general, which seems to be: “I have a product or a service, you buy it and don’t expect me to kowtow to your every whim.”

    • ​@globalforce Maybe. But that isn’t what this is…and that isn’t what they are doing here.

      I’ve worked with Russians too…and I like their straightforwardness. They also tend to work their asses off (and when not working…play their asses off). This lazy, weaselly incompetence of WG isn’t what I’m used to. They had a big success with World of Tanks. Now that is a shadow of what it was, wrecked through their incompetence and short-term thinking. They tried to make other games. Most were failures, and some were expensive failures (like World of Warplanes v. 1 and 2). World of Warships was a minor success…that they now seem determined to milk dry too.

      It’s a weird thing to watch, especially as a marketing/pr professional. Weird but interesting.

    • @globalforce What a wholesome comment lol

  17. I dont know man, butt I am finding Jingles’s explanation a really good one. Even if you all voted with your wallets, they just dont care about you (I quit the game at least a year ago) WG already milked you all! You are no longer the target group, the new players are. The new cows for milking.

  18. I think there is no more to expect on Wargaming. The idea of a similar game kickstarter project becomes more and more appealing by the moment. Please let us know when you find something. Thank you. 🙂

  19. Hey iChase, just wanted to say thanks for making wows content over the years and being apart of why I started playing wows in the first place. Unfortunately the company is turning into EA. I am also looking for other navel games and I can’t wait for you to make content on Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Cheers

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