No way I can win this chat, no way – World of Warships

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Sometimes I say I don’t believe something is possible, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try and pull a miracle off.

Hsiengyang is Pan Asian tier 8 tech tree DD, copy cat of Benson but with deep water torps and since not too long ago, torp rld booster as well.

Enjoy this potentially Jingles material match 😉

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  1. i havent watched it yet but i believe in you flambino
    edit: also hi twitch!!

  2. Charles Stromvall

    Oh you have to send this replay in to old man jingles. Just for the fact that you and that Duke of York were in stalemate til the end. Despite what you said.

  3. high risk, high reward, but it was way to close in the end

  4. Flambass, you can win any chat!
    Oh, maybe there was a comma missing in the title. I’ll see myself out…

  5. For Legends, which is a crapper version of this game, this destroyer is my go-to, I absolutely love this ship. I don’t run smoke screens at all, I use the radar, which really helps spotting the enemy DDs. I’m glad to see you finally play it.

    • Legends is substantially better. Smaller maps (No camping at the back) No subs and carrriers are actually counterable. The only thing they need to do is nerf HE cos thats just as broken as PC

  6. Flambass did not win this chat, chair did.. lol

  7. The red sub could have won this game if he hadn’t gone AFK.

  8. it’s really hard to land torps these days. seems like as soon as you launch the fish everyone scatters,

  9. Torpedobeats were strong in that Duke.

  10. loved the Notser saving the cap

  11. I`ll keep watching you playing wows, i myself uninstalled this game yesterday after 7+ years.
    These gd subs take out the very last fun they left in it after the CV rework.
    And to top it all off here they come with hybrid BB`s,
    seems to me they stoped making this game for the players.

  12. 10:04 my torp luck in a nutshell

  13. GG. Some players always have to go the “play harder route” to win

  14. Noice play, GG.

  15. James Copley - Resoldier

    Well done!

  16. “Nonononono….. Yes, professional streamer! ” 😀 lols Awesome job, Flambass!

  17. Excellent play my man!

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