Non-stop Kremlin rush: 9 kills !!! World of Warships

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  1. This DD tho xDDD

  2. 5:52 Thug life Loyang

  3. Nice Gameplay. Enjoyed watching it 😀

  4. Sure, eating 10 torps and just lose 62% hp #notop

  5. Wtf was that 5:50. This is world of warships or world of tank’s?

  6. This is some next level of badass!!

  7. Full push! Loved it.

  8. Major Disappointment

    Thanks loved the video the Kremlin is nasty can’t wait till she is in my port lol.

  9. Thanks WG for making a boat that can just sail straight into the enemy and win.

  10. I love my Kremlin, but if i tried this i’d just get sent to port immediately lol

  11. masterfull gunnery combined with Russian BIAS in WarGaming games, means… an entertaining cideo :o)

  12. he is the luckiest player, i’ve ever seen…….

  13. Rusian Bias. Just Stalinium.

  14. Selling tickets to Gulag right and left

  15. Limited damage control party?

  16. with a destroyer 3 km away and closing in I wouldn’t be choosing other targets.

  17. I think just red team noob.

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