“Noobs Not Welcome” – What’s Up With Warships?

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Following the Overwhelming response to What’s Up with Warships? I follow up some comments and explore further issues currently plaguing .


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  1. Is it not strange how they reduce income at high tiers and within a couple
    of patches they add 5k gold camos for T10 ships 😛 greedy fucks

  2. Christopher MacLennan

    I enjoy the game bit it is very frustrating at the moment

  3. When the British Battleships are introduced they will be on par with the

  4. Great Job again Mr. Grey, there are so many simple fixes to make the RN
    cruisers more viable that confound me as to why they took the direction
    they did. “hard to play against HE spammer in smoke” take away smoke.
    Problem solved. also could Shorten duration of said smoke as far as how
    long it lingers, or could simply nerf the Fire chance down to 5-6%. any of
    these would have been an easy solution to the issue without cutting the
    balls off of what could be a fantastic line. I agree with your frustration
    as to Bouncing shells off angled DD’s and again I cry about lack of ability
    to knock out CV’s with a Fire as youre wittling them down. I’ve experienced
    many poor performance issues with the British AP “Battleships at range with
    plunging fire”… my ass… I have a Vid of me in my Danae shooting a
    Kaiser from max range 36 times for a whopping 1914dmg total all my shells
    broke apart or did nothing. If I had HE I could have at least done SOME
    damage. I would almost suggest pulling the line for a patch and reworking
    it again I feel it was worked on for so long and they could’nt agree the
    best way to solve their “issues” so they just snatched HE and “buffed”
    their AP and still the AP does’nt do what its supposed too.

  5. Oh you need to be far for pluging fire against battleships. Just look
    around on reddit or youtube there’s a video of a minotaur failing to kill a
    hakuryu due to damage saturation AND at lesat 75% of her shells BOUNCING
    off the armored deck. Yes pluging fire. Haha.

  6. “Strong smell of bullshit” on the Q&A video – couldn’t agree more. I
    watched it when Jingles first put it up, and left a comment for him that
    that was one of the biggest loads of horsecrap I’d heard in a while, even
    during our election this year. TBH, Jingles didn’t sound very enthused
    during that whole video, almost like he would have rather been doing
    something else entirely – it sounded like he was reading off scripted
    questions, and the whole video was done simply so WG could do “damage
    control” over the slipshod job they’d done – not just with the way they’d
    turned out, but with the continual delays and reworkings of them. I laughed
    when they stated that they wanted RN cruisers to be “difficult to play, but
    fun to play against”….. WHAT???? That sounds like they’re just supposed
    to be XP piñatas for the opposing team, if not a complete oxymoron.

    If the line is supposed to be for experienced players, then why do they
    allow new players full access to them as soon as they download the client?
    No word of warning whatsoever to new players about this. Why not restrict
    access to them until new players have reached Level 12, or played XXX
    number of battles, or reached a certain tier in one or more lines, etc,
    etc…? They’re risking alienating new players, who may decide to play this
    line first simply because it’s the RN, without knowing about the supposed
    difficulty level involved, and end up having a bad experience of it.

  7. When they added the Russian cruisers my faith in the game began its steady

  8. GhostOfTheSovietPast

    Oh great, another one of those “where’s muh RN” rants with a smattering of
    “mostly paper Russian ships” (surprisingly not followed by the normally
    obligatory mention of Tsushima or Dogger Bank). I’ll give you credit for
    claiming only “mostly” though, which is only “mostly” wrong.
    If you all hate paper so much, I guess you won’t be going above T8 when the
    RN BBs inevitably arrive.

  9. This is a really interesting format. Also one that is much needed for a
    game like World of Warships. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

  10. i think for RN cruisers there is a simple fix, increase gun range a bit
    mybe 2-3km and give the ap ammo that is suppose to be a hybrid ap/he a
    chance of fire doesn t have to high change with the rate of fire maybe only
    something like 2% but at least is gives us something when we dont have a
    full broadside to shoot at, i have a leander and rarely do more than 30k
    damage , because i any sort of angle other than full broadside means i get
    bounces all over , 1 game i have over 100 of them and only 34 damaging hits
    got to 40k damage because i suicide rushed a bb got 4 torps into him for
    25k damge and yes thats less than 1/2 max damage possible form the torps ,
    i never get the full 17k almost 18k full damage . i will continue the line
    but it is gonna be slow going because i do not enjoy playing it . as for
    the comment that WG said they were not enjoyable to play against in testing
    , isn t that a good thing? you want the enemy to have a bad time, it should
    be important to be fun to play as them , screw what you thimk against them.
    now we are hearing that a new ammo tyoe will be availble ships in the new
    research tree , heap, high explosive armour piercing, which is basically a
    better version of what the RN ships have, is it me or this historical
    accuracy stuff being extremely selective ? also earlgrey please keep up the
    good work i enjoy your content alot thankyou..

  11. The player base of WoW is older guys like me with wallets, so yes, to say
    noobs not welcome implies but does not exclude kiddies.

  12. your not an sh player ,I think you are a very good player, dont put your
    self down . please keep up your great work ! Ky

  13. they obviously don’t care about the game… if they did, they would make
    changes base on data from ALL servers….

    as for noobs not apply, they have been substantially dumbing down the game.
    every patch they seem to do something because… maneuvering is too hard,
    or positioning is too hard…

    and they obviously don’t play their game because whoever think usn cv is
    just as good as ijn cv in situations is smoking something.

    also agree that they use historical accuracy as an excuse… they nerfed
    ijn dd because potatos can’t use their rudder occasionally…and then threw
    out the excuse that they are adequate gunboat… which they are not.

  14. I played the line up to Edinburgh, also have the Belfast. It was my easiest
    grind ever, also very entertaining. The Kutuzov it is far more challenging
    (sluggish, huge, also fragile).

  15. For me personally the Brit CAs made me take a two’ish week break as well. I
    completely concur with what you’ve said here. When I came back, i “learned”
    to like them – and now actually really really like them. I’m a decent
    player and had no problem getting good results or wins in the things even
    at first, but thought they where so gimicky and annoying…. and its the
    bloody RN: its not supposed to be like that!

  16. hey I just found ya channel – grat work, really like it – new sub 🙂
    About WoWs: I had great hopes for it, played it a lot and have numerous
    tier 8 ships.
    But it dies a bit on me. The bad UI, the pixly graphic, the MASSIVE RNG and
    fake balance etc.

    From what I heard in this vid the question raises: WIll you have a look at
    the ship section of War Thunder once it is in CBT, release or full release?

  17. I had a game in my Leander, got 130 hits or so, only did 31k damage. Plenty
    of those were against a Fuso, who was broadside, and I still did fuck all
    to him. If I got 130 hits in my Cleveland or Budyonny, I’d have 80k damage
    at least.

  18. I share your disappointment with the RN cruisers. I saved up a bunch of
    Free XP to skip up to the FIJI. What a bust. RN cruisers are the only
    ships I use AP from my Atlanta on. It just devastates them. Hopefully WG
    will get their act together. I haven’t spent a cent on the game in 6
    weeks. Speak with your pocketbook is how I will approach the issue.

  19. you do realize what you are talking about is essentially – for all shits
    and purposes – a polished alpha. what warships needs is a good content
    base. after that, ammo mechanics, armor, balance,… becomes relevant in
    terms of development. under world of tanks standards, world of warships is
    still a little baby.

    though, after all the major shit trees are in place the ageing of the game
    will become more dynamic. that is where i’ll pick it up again.

  20. Newsflash for those that keep saying but the RN Cruisers have a repair
    ability NO they don’t! they only repair HE and fire damage NOT AP damage!
    and who in their right mind is not gonna use AP on a line of ships like
    that? NO-ONE – Exactly so weve got a “REPAIR” ability that aint worth jack!
    I’ve gone back to US CR’s and BB’s and if/when I can afford it I’ll buy a
    warspite and spend all my time showing people what a real British warship
    is! (sorry for the rant iEarlGrey)

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