NOOOOOO! This end || ESSEX – 350K DMG – World of Warships

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  1. that nagato lol

  2. 350k damage and still not top. That XP boost for the tirp capturing an objective is cray.

  3. Great play, if I see correctly, he is baiting their def fire then switching targets.I think this is the first time I see a ship on A9 lol and I ve seen many potatoes.Seems like a bot, coudnt even cap A.

  4. that worthless nagato OMG

  5. how can i report that nagato?

  6. player like that nagato should be punished, just like pink name, WG should have a battle activity% like warthunder and give those player a different color

  7. nagato guy can find another game.

  8. good mm….

  9. And LOST! Man, that hurts in my feelz. Well played.

  10. carry harder

  11. This is pretty much how all battles should end when an Essex class carrier takes on surface ships.

  12. too slow w the planes

  13. This battle would have been a lot less dramatic if that Nagato had, you know, participated. Kudos to the Tirpitz for sticking to his job and covering the carrier to the end.

  14. Damn those 1,000 lb bombs kick ass on the dive bombers.

  15. Oh glory.! Oh the hope!! for all us carrier user

  16. Wow I look through the comments before the vid and all I see is “Report that Nagato, the Nagato sucks, that Nagato lol, worthless Nagato.” Lol I can’t wait to see this.

  17. Nagato mvp

  18. That worthless ass fucking Nagato.

  19. But you must admit the only survivor Edinburgh play it very well.

  20. i hate this ending -.-

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