North American Kamikaze R DMG record – World of Warships

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North American Kamikaze R DMG record – World of Warships

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  1. Hahhaha, sealclubbing scrub. Thats it.

  2. WG employee 1:BB players are complaining that torps are op…..again!

    WG employee 2: (to complaining BB players) stop sailing in straight lines assholes!

  3. Only noobs on the opposite team…

  4. That thing is the ultimate seal clubber

  5. Can he NOT miss!?!?! Not even using the lead indicator. Skillz.

  6. Japanese DDs: teaching BBs not to sail in straight lines since Alpha.

  7. work of art.  BUT he did miss taking the B cap.  🙂

  8. Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

    He should be arrested for rape, and raping special needs ppl too tut tut. As the Bb players obviously only had 2 fingers or were dyslexic and couldn’t make out the q and e keys.

  9. Now we Can have kamikaze IS the same ship like minekaze ?

  10. I think I can say I blame the CV player in red team cuz the moment he saw that DD spotted he should sent say 1 dive bomber just keep him spotted for his team so they can kill him quickly specially when he got the 2 Bb kills near A cap .

  11. Shahnewaz Siddique

    anyone else have a glitch at 7:26,it took me 3 tries before i could see it,it kept skipping 10 secs

  12. This guy knows what he’s doing..

  13. Михаил Серафимов


  14. Seal clubbing ftw I guess?

  15. Alexander Reichhard

    Dam Son

  16. wow Robben hauen…. sehr schwer

  17. this seems easy, but really, it’s not

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