North Carolina 235 K DMG – World of Warships

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InsaneLyouS0 VIII North Carolina
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  1. This dude at last come with a better quality

  2. Ανδρέας Παπάρας

    No like because you upload it twice

  3. Danke für ein erneutes hochladen des videos

  4. Denn Ich liebe die North Coralina

  5. its a re-upload from yesterday – dont know what happened but it was a 360p video somehow……
    deleted the old video.
    have a nice week all – best regards

  6. 12:50 running in the 90’s

  7. Of course that fagots must cap.

  8. Ain’t never seen anyone so easily sink lots of ships like dat..

  9. 6:44 wtf why did that plane just suddenly die?

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