North Carolina 236K damage Farmer || World of Warships

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Player: Enzyme21
Map: Hotspot

236k , 7 3 devastating strikes and x3 xp bonus!

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  1. FIRST

  2. I want that i can play like this guy.
    he is fucking amasing.

  3. Impressive game. I’m struggling with my North Cal.Of course it helps if
    cruisers give you a broadside.

  4. both farraguts had no clue how to farragut… cut off from their teams
    charging at battleships thinking, “OHHH IMMA RAM THEM THERE TORPS UP YER
    ASS” >.> which is fine, since that’s what the entire enemy team seemed to
    be on about, charging and dying xD

  5. He only got a good score just because the enemy was showing there

  6. well, it was mostly because he go super good dispersion…

  7. lol jakie jebniecie to ma

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