North Carolina 250K Damage || World of Warships

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  1. Can’t watch because he zooms with scroll…

  2. Other than zoom scroll, he is great.

  3. Аркадий Оганезов


  4. Роман Шундрик

    Набитие дамажки на бортоходных и стоячих раках всегда весело)

  5. Friendly reminder:ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away,like a tooth infection or a NC roflstomping your team

  6. Khang Nguyễn Công

    This is some broadside competition or something?

  7. I love this ship cuz I’m from NC but it’s very op in this game

  8. DD:how did that big fat BB spot me when i smoked up! that’s not possible! must be hax!
    but seriously tho…landing 5 shell when he has already lost sight of that DD…that’s basically blind shot isn’t it? with no adjustment etc…

  9. Not many NC vids these days.

  10. VipapkStudiosOfficial

    My favorite ship whooo, it’s been so long to see u again on thus channel reeee! <3

  11. Wow.. This NC guy must really hate RU BBs. He did so much damage to them.

  12. Why can I never get that many broadsiding scrubs on the enemy teams….

  13. It is so hard to harvest experience with colorado….so long, so slow….
    And at the end i give up, maybe after this video purchase colorado again and try to get north carolina…nice ship

  14. NC. The only ship up to tier 8 that can citadel a Groose Kurfurst!

  15. Broadside festival 🙂 All enemy team was boots or potato ? Weird game

  16. Where can I find flat broadside scrubs like this, not to mention top tier in a tier 8 BB…..

  17. This ship is the reason I quit playing, saved up 100000+ xp for this ship to find out it sucks, the colorado is better

  18. Niggae please

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