NOT a premium and GOOD? – World of Warships

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Faragut has got to be one of the best tier 6 ships in the game, especially for its class and guess what, it is NOT a premium. Shocking I know.

I always recommend USN DDs to players that want to learn how to play DDs properly and I went back to them a bit, and quickly remembered why.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Probably just an oversight from weegee. Writing a ticket to support. Too much fun. 😉

  2. inZane Reflections

    Low tiers, where people play with stock ships and 2 point captains.

  3. 9 hp on the last ship before the last heal XD

  4. even after frustration at tier 10 and 9 i all ready start to play tier 5 and 6 and really enjoy much more

  5. First time I hear “We can’t let the enemy lose too fast” being factored into ingame strategy :p

    • 钱振东

      You’ll hear that all the time when playing with the top 5% players. That’s how they win over 70% games while having high average in all ships. You just can’t win too fast.

    • It’s kind of hard to maintain high stats when the game ends so quickly you don’t have any time to actually impact the game. Unfortunately there have been more and more fail teams lately due to poorer player skill & nobody wanting to push.

  6. The struggle of being so good you must nerf YOURSELF

  7. So this is a “I’m too good for tier 6” gameplay?

  8. Make Beer Not War

    almost makes me wish i still had my account, but i deleted it 😂

  9. Joselito Sto Tomas

    When you’re holding back to make the game go longer.

  10. Jamie Parslow-Williams

    Flambass makes any ship look good!

  11. Flambass trying to play 4D chess in a random battle, forgetting that there are 23 other apes in the game all wanting kills.

  12. I find playing low tiers to be such a refreshing experience, it makes you see that even though it doesn’t look like it, the people at T10 actually learned something in their way up there

  13. The BM is insane !!!!!! 😀

  14. I never sold my farragut. It was the first tier 6 I ever got. This was like 4 years ago or something.

  15. No Quacken for you sir. ^_^

    He probably had a heal running.

  16. Flambass, you still have the sudden strike trailer as the video when you click on your channel

  17. Once Mr. Torpedo is in the water, he is not your friend. He is not anybody’s friend.

  18. I’ve got to admit its sometimes more amusing seeing what your subscribers have to say than some of the game play. Hobbits too funny

  19. War gaming needs to listen to you, Trenlass, Jingles and others who really understand the game. They are ruining it for all of us.


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