NOT an easy Ship to master… World of Warships

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  1. its like a grafspee only bigger

  2. Liebed des Schiff. schon so oft über 150k ❤️

  3. احمد العجارمه

    I like that way you play with
    But u have to enhance your snipping

  4. can you please explain what in the video leads to the title”Not an easy Ship to master”? I did not see anything special in the video that might explain that. Certainly easier than Atlanta or Baltimore anyway.

    • i consider Tirpitz or Alabama for Example “easy” ships to play…. Gascogne on the other Hand i found somehow difficult to get good results… not many “good” replays out there,,,,,

    • many people complain about the inaccuracy of guns but in this video, I did not see any wild salvo. By the way, each time I see a Gascogne in my team or in enemy team, I check the performance of the player with the Gascogne against his performance with other tier 8 BBs. And believe it or not, often he makes more damage with the Gascogne. (trying to compare what is comparable, removing the player as a factor)

  5. Oh boy, I really need to work on using SHIFT zoom more often… She’s not easy ship to play, still working on it. Thanks for using my replay tho. Really appreciate it 😀

    • Gets a Dev Strike, apologizes in all chat.

      What are you, Canadian?

      GG though.

    • Dan Mercer that devastating strike was caused by detonation which is nothing more than pure rng. I know how frustrating it is as it has nothing to do with skill of each player.

    • Ładna bitewka. Oczywiście koleś na czacie na koniec pokazał swój poziom gadając o statystykach. Bo jego staty to wyrocznia, kto ma gorzej to noob a kto ma lepiej to cheater. Wczoraj grałem przeciw niemu to samo było ale że koleś ma za dobre staty . Ja sie wciąłem żeby nie ośmieszał swój klan to dostałem negatywa od niego. Koleś ma coś z głową bo pare osób w moim klanie o nim mówiło .
      Mam Gascone i lubie go, nie jest to czołg i ma spoko pomocnicza ale nawet dziś Tirpitz dostał mega nerfa na pancerz jeżeli go z Hindena cytadeluje to coś jest nie tak. Może coś w 0.7.3 poprawia . Powodzenia w kolejnych bitwach 😉

  6. Scrolling…be like..

  7. 9:21 dmg 77777 ?

  8. Is this ship faster backwards?

  9. Wenn man die Tirpitz scho hat . Lohnt sich dann das schiff ?

  10. This guy at the end from ALF4 clan his nick Saphyre…. this guy I see him often and almost always he is whining in chat and has so much butthurt. Salt salt nad salt. And he goes to check your stats, even you play the round good he can make a shitstorm innchat about your stats. Here he said that the Gascone player had bad stats, yesterday he was salty about other guy that he has too good stats and he is a cheater. Just make sure to give that guy always reports on chat, maybe finally he will get a week ban and will shut up.

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