Not Mingles with Jingles

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In the wake of my second COVID vaccination there’s good news and there’s bad news…


  1. The back ground moving made me wonder if I was somehow having a second-hand fever. Hope you feel better soon though!

  2. Get well soon, mighty overlord of the salt mines!

  3. Not mingles hey, well this story is going to be good. Good luck with it Jingles, stay safe yourself. Cheers from Australia.

  4. Knocked you down with a fever? Windows Defender must’ve had its permissions revoked…

  5. Speedy recovery Oh great saltmine overlord

  6. Got my second Oxford jab on Friday and I still feel like a Tog 2 ran over me. But the 5G download speed on the Nanobots is epic. Get well soon benevolent Overseer.

  7. Get healthy old Evil Gnome! Ask that Portuguese minion – euh, i mean judge – to nurse you back to health. 😉

  8. I’ve had both jabs ,all I got was an aching arm. Brought back teenage memories of me admiring the farmers wife wearing her Rubberboots. Arm used to ache lots 😉🤪

  9. Oof, second dose can be rough, get well soon Jingles

    • I had the Pfizer flavor, and the second dose only gave me a sore upper arm for about 36 hours. My understanding is, the more severe your reaction to the vaccine, the worse you would have been sick if you would have gotten the actual virus. So, if your reaction to the second shot was bad, be damn glad you got it, because the actual virus may have killed you.

    • ​@Clay Loomis ”might have killed you” Covid isn’t that lethal haha. Yes it’s worse than a fever, but it’s nothing compared to the plaques of the past decennia (the Spanish flu from 1918 for example was much worse)

    • @tijmen131 That’s a staggeringly uninformed post.. There’s no correlating world wide data that offers any comparitive conclusions on the severity of the spanish flu compared to the corona-virus. However just to arrest the notion that it isn’t ‘that lethal’ – tubercolosis, one of the most lethal respiratory diseases known to man, infects approx 8-9 million people each year and more than 1.5 million die every year. The corona-virus has so far killed 3,5 million people in just over a year, granted far more has been infected by the virus however that actually speaks more to the transmissability of the virus which is far easier to get than tubercolosis. So could we perhaps have a few facts before we showcase our stupidity in the future? Please.

    • @tijmen131 100% Agree. It’s all a scamdemic. Liberal propaganda machine just out to make people paranoid. Sheep so eagerly get a shot even though they don’t know whats in them. All covid shot manufacturers at some point have been sued for wrongful deaths, cancers, false claims and so on. If people want to trust megacorporations on their health that only care about profit then that’s on them.

    • @tijmen131 I guess that depends on what you call “much worse.” Almost 600,000 have died in the USA, and over 3.5 million have died worldwide. To me, that’s quite a few deaths. The Spanish flu killed an estimated 50 million or more, but there was no vaccine for that pandemic. If we had no vaccine for COVID-19, I think the death toll could have rivaled that. I’m not sure which part of all this earned the “haha” from you. I’m not seeing the funny part.

  10. Wow, I got my second shot on Saturday too. Are we covid buddies? I haven’t gotten the 5g yet but the X-ray vision is pretty cool.

  11. I got my 2nd vaccine shot on Tuesday and i had a fever all day Wednesday. I know how you feel, luckily for me it only lasted about 24 hours. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Alunita Inghinala

    Both times i got my Pfizer doses, a bit of a fever, sore arm, i felt really sluggish for 2 days, then i was back to normal. I did get x-rays though, found out where the pipes were leaking, thanks Bill.

  13. I’ll be getting my 2nd shot this afternoon. Have already cleared my schedule for a few days just in case. Can’t wait for 5g so I can ask the Borg why they made 7 of 9 so hot. 😀

  14. That second shot was no joke now. Good luck with that Jingles. Hope your back up too 110% soon, Sire. Our almighty overlord mustn’t be downed long lest there be chaos in the mines.

  15. I’ve had two fizzers and feel mighty left out. No side effects at all. Either they gave me a placebo or the nanobots are doing their thing. Now… where did I leave my Mark L suit?

  16. The Gassy Play-0-

    Pensioners tend to get quite sick, don’t blame him staying in bed.

  17. Jingles should start numbering these
    Make a YouTube playlist of them

  18. Hope you feel better soon, just remember kids, stay hydrated. We love ya Old Gnome!

  19. Yeah, second dose kicked my ass for a day as well. No fever but whole body aches and felt like hot garbage. Thankfully it only lasted for about a day and after two I was back to normal. Good news it means your bodies immune system is reacting well and responding to it as a known pathogen.

  20. Still waiting for my first shot so despite the whole “feeling a bit shite” bit I feel somewhat envious.

    Stiff upper lip and all that mate, you’ll be right as rain soon enough.

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