November 2019 Update Patchnotes | World of Warships Legends

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Going over the patchnotes for the November 2019 update in World of Warships WoWs Legends, the free to play console game from Wargaming available on PS4 and Xbox 1. Features included in the update include Cross Play, Ranked Battles, New Maps and a Port Filter.


  1. I heard the Black friday Atlanta is coming monday so actually great

  2. “The vanguard. They Quietly making it the strongest battleship in the game.” Music to my ears! Lol. Thanks developers for hearing our cries regarding that ship.

  3. I’m one of those who joined late and missed the Atlanta, might pick one up but would much prefer to have earned it.

  4. Xbox: D23 66 inf 2AD

    I like reading how weird these names are

  5. Xbox: Tjtuckett

    Finally I can get the Atlanta.

  6. PS4 “bear2k”

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. Tbull, crossplay is finally here! Hope to see you out there and good luck! Lol

  8. I’m calling TBull out lol gonna hunt you down brother! ? xbox gt: xL Chevy

  9. Xbox: CypressWalker
    9:26 this makes me want to take the Tirpitz out and give it another try.

  10. British BB’s are my going to be my grind when I get back to the states so im happy to hear the vanguard is tough. My gt is Thornton3rd and i’m on Xbox.

  11. Console: PS4
    Gamertag: mo_breezy

  12. Xbox: Salty Chaka: Love me.

  13. Xbox: Edster345
    World of my tanked ranks, now with cross-play.

  14. PSN: Hibachi-_-

    So stoked about them finally addressing Tirpitz! Took them long enough lol


    Can’t wait for ranked battles

  16. Keep up the “GREAT JOB”!!! PSN: ddrogers

  17. I’m def throwing money at the Tirpitz, also getting the shiny horse for Black Friday

  18. Xbox: Last Regret

    I’m really liking the ranked rules, cant wait to see how long it takes to get rank 1.

  19. PS4, ObtuseHistorian

    Now I have to decide between Atlanta and Boise.

  20. PSN: MadVillainy_415x

    Maybe I’ll finally get the scharn this Monday I been eyeing it out for a while

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